Sunday, 31 May 2015

Special Esponella

Big Bugger
 We are at this campsite near Figueres and it's really nice.  It has 3 swimming pools and 2 of them are really hot.  It has a big river and Mama saw a Kingfisher.  I didn't although I looked and looked.  Mama said we could go kayaking and then she looked at the size of the river and said that daddy had once tried to drown her on the Mekong and she didn't want to risk it here.  I'm quite glad.
 We walked up a pth in a wood to the town and sat in a small bar and there was no one about apart from tractors so we ate cake and looked at tractors and I thought it was great.  Cake AND tractors.
Trying to get me to go on a walk
 I caught a damselfly in the swimming pool and I have been swimming every day.  Mama calls me Mr Otter and I call her Mr Dolphin.  The water is lovely and warm.
Damsel fly
I have played pool twice.  Mama says I have blown all of my inheritance on pool.  She says not all the balls come out and I keep putting the balls down the pockets.

Losing my inheritance
 I am also into crazy golf.  CRAZY.  I have ridden my bike all over it and I also put all the balls in the holes there too.
Best of all, loads of children turned up yesterday.  Hundreds of them chasing about and shouting all through the night.  I joined in.  I played football with them and helped them fly a plane and dug in sand and splashed in the pool.  Some of them don't want to say Hola and run away when I try and play but I have made some nice friends.
Mama made me some shoes and she is so very pleased with them although she doesn't think Aunty Jayne will approve.
My home made shoes


  1. Kayaking may not have been a bad idea, Little One. After all, Eton is on the cards, where boating is mandatory. (I'll be posting you the words to their Boat Song).


  2. LOVE your shoes - if I ask nicely, do you think Mama would make me a pair? Putting balls down the pockets? Isn't that called pocket billiards? I get confused. I'm making a film where you'll be able to everyone but it might take a little time - I will let you know when I have finished. All my love little Joey - we miss you all so much.


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