Saturday, 9 May 2015

Grand Granada

Another One
 We stayed in Reina Isabella campsite at La Zubia.  There were more mosquitoes than Mama could shake a stick at and they found me very tasty, Mama fairly tasty and didn't like Daddy at all.  We took a bus into the city and I liked that.  It was only 20 minutes away to ice cream alley.
Pretending to be a tourist
Mama said that they weren't too friendly in Granada but they seemed friendly enough to me.  The Senora in the ice cream shop gave me a free ice cream  because I sang Twinkle Twinkle to her.
 There were plenty of alleys to run around and lots of tourists patted my head and siad my hair was nice.  A lady gave me her plastic bag because I was staring at it and there was a picture of a cow on it.  What I really wanted was what was in the bag because I saw some sweets in there.  Nevermind.
Sweets please
 But the best thing about Granada was a roundabout with wooden animals on which was pedalled by a man.  I sat in the cart and drove the horse and we went round and round to an egg timer.
Best bit about Granada
 We came back the next day too and went on the hop on hop off train bus.  Mama says that Aunty Jayne likes hop on hop off buses.  I liked that too.  We went up to the Alhambra and we got squirted as they were watering the gardens.  Everyone in the carriage screamed except daddy and it made me jump so I cried. 
Another church
 Mama and Daddy had tapas when I was asleep so when I woke up I went inside and ordered myself a zumo de manzana por favor.
Sorting the waiter out
 We did lots of walking about and Mama bought herself 2 pairs of shoes.  Uncle Lollo will be happy as she dragged him round every shoe shop in Fuengirola.
Me in a door way
 We went to the Botanical gardens and it was very hot.  Mama picked the strawberries and I ate them.  She made sure that Daddy didn't see.
Botanical Gardens
We are off to see more caves.  Mama likes caves and so do I.  She says I am a bit of a troglodyte.  Guess what?  Daddy has 2 names.  Daddy and Lee.

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