Sunday, 10 May 2015

Great Guadalix

The Cathedral
Mama started to go a bit cave crazy after I showed a bit of interest in the caves at Nerja and keeps calling me her little Trog so we drove up to a cave town called Guadalix. 
Trying to enjoy ourselves
It was soooooo hot.  It looked like lots of giant ant hills with chimneys in them.

Mama was desperate to go inside and she found a cave museum where it was at least cool.
The Museum
It was great in there and we all had a wee in their toilet.  Mama said that's the frirst time she has had a wee and washed her hands in a cave.  We spent the night on a carpark and in the morning went for churros.  That's more like it!!

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  1. I skipped everything your Mama wrote until my eyeballs hit 'churros'. Indeed, now we're talking.

    Lots of love Junior,


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