Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cuddly Toys and the Best Gloves Ever

Mummy has a thing about cuddly toys.  She hates them.  I don't know what her problem is.  She really doesn't like them.  She pretends to be nice to them but sometimes I catch her doing rude things to them behind my back.  They are so nice and sweet and furry and she is mean to them. 
I have a dog and a sheep and a monkey and a doll called Peter and a teddy called Kevin.  Mummy keeps them in the furthest darkest coldest corner and I have to go and root them out everyday. 

Anyway, when I was at the library yesterday, I found the library bear.  It is the biggest bluest teddy bear in the world and I loved it.  Unfortunately, somebody else was hugging it and I tried to take it off them but Mummy made me give it back.  Their Mummy negotiated a share with my Mummy even though my Mummy was saying 'No, no, really he's fine.  He doesn't want to play with it' and I was jumping up and down and saying 'YESTH, YESTH, YESTH . So Mummy gave it back to me.  I was so pleased to see it, I started biting its ear.  Within seconds, Mummy had whipped it from me again and given it back to the girl.
 'That was a quick share' said her Mummy.

Anyway I have forgiven her as she bought me some new gloves today and they are simply fabuloso.


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