Saturday, 8 February 2014

Things to entertain Mummy during the rainy days

Mummy says it's a long old winter.  She keeps buying me longer and longer wellies if that's anything to go by. 
Welly bellies

She takes me out every day - even though it's hurling it down and I think she is going to get arrested by the parenting police.  Today, we were the only people on the common and I nearly blew away.  I keep dreaming up things to entertain her in the house so we don't have to go out.  I learned to play guitar on my shirt.

And then I found a baby to kiss in the mirror.

I put numbers on Daddy head,   I hide pigs behind my back, I dance for her and sing for her.  I play hide and seek.  I stroke her face if she looks sad.  I perform circus tricks and try and stand on my head.  I laugh at all her jokes as if they are the first time I have heard them.  I try on an array of hats for her amusement
Daddy's hat

and I make every single animal noise I can think of.  And she still insists on taking me out..............................................


  1. It really isn't fair, is it Joey? But soon, you and mummy and daddy will go to another "outside" where the sun shines and you can see snow on the mountains and funny trees that look like big spiders on top of a pole - they're called palm trees. And you won't NEED wellies! In the meantime - mummy is right - fill your lungs with lovely fresh air - makes you strong and happy in the long run and think about a new pair of sandals!

  2. I have to admit junior, you've got it right. Outdoorness is for the birds (and other outdoor creatures), even at the best of times. I mean rain, and muck, and wellies. Indoors, on the other hand, is fun. It is dry and warm and cosy. So I suggest you really start learning to play the guitar (and not that stuff you do on your shirt) because that's the only way you'll convince your Mama to stay inside.

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