Thursday, 6 April 2017

Marvellous Marvao

Walking the Walls
After leaving Monsaraz  we thought that it just couldn't be any more beautiful.  Then we arrived at Marvao.
Mama got shaky legs
 When we arrived I said we had been here before and Mama said we hadn't and I said yes we must have because it's a castle on a mountain.
View over Spain
It sits right on the border with Spain and was a Muslim stronghold.  In fact every October they hold a Muslim festival to celebrate the origins of the town.
Another View
There is a beautiful Arab water garden in the middle.
 And big round boulders.

 We went a really long walk down the mountain and then up the other side.
And it was Spring here.  We have been following Spring up from the South of Spain.  The almond blossom is just starting here.

There are Cork Oaks and apple trees and broom and Jasmin and we even saw bluebells.  Yeah.
We went for a swim in a well and there was a funny noise coming from nearby.  I caught a couple of frogs at it.


  1. This place just blows one's breath away! It is so wild and beautiful. But, what a lot of stairs! By the way, how has a head of such curly locks become one sporting dead straight hair? Does mama use tongs? LOVE the frogs. Isn't nature wonderful sometimes? No need to say "enjoy" - we know you will and you make us happy too. Tatie and Ton-ton xxxxxxxx

  2. My dearest Junior,

    As your long voyage home starts to come to an end, all I can think of is this wealth of knowledge and memories you have accumulated that will be reflected directly and indirectly in the way you think and act in years to come. I know my past, especially my family life growing up, greatly influenced how I developed into a man. I can't wait to see how all these wonderful adventures will affect you.

    All my love,


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