Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spring is Sprung and England's Calling

We went up a mountain the other day to find some snow so I could be like my cousins.  At the top we found crocuses and I told Mama that Spring was here and we had better turn round and go back to England.  Nana told me that I would be with her when Spring comes.

Mama says that we have to be back in England for the 1st of May as I will start school on June 5th in Dorset.  I keep changing my mind about going back.  I don't like the rain but I want to pretend with my Nana and I want to have some children to play with but I want to keep Nona but Mama says we will have to sell her and buy something smaller.  I love Nona.

Sierra Nevada
The No Funs took me up to a ski resort because I have been going on about being like my cousins in Norway.  We found some snow but the No Funs didn't have a sledge so Mama made me one out of an inflatable ring with a piece of fibre glass in the centre.  I loved it.  It's cold and wet but it's fun.  Then we came down to the sea again.

 We stayed in a very quirky campsite called Camping Tropical and it is tropical.  There are papayas and bananas growing and it is very very green and smells lovely.  I found a numnum tree.
Numnum tree
Daddy says that Almunecar is a very very old place and there were people here since the bronze age.  They have been making garum from salting fish intestines.  Mama said where can we buy some of those?
An old castle
We did find El Lute y Jesus Friedure.  Mama was so excited.  She came running to find Daddy and me.
We had pink mullet which had a garlic and parsley batter and a mixed fried fish which had the crispiest octopus tentacles in which tasted like pork scratchings.  Mama said she had a strange experience in the shop.  She said the man was really nice and friendly to her then when she tried to pay with a 50 Euro not he turned into a grumpy snatchy chap.  It was only later on that she saw that there were two men who looked alike.
Now we are off to Nerja and Malaga and Fuengirola.  Then we are heading back to the mountains and over to Cadiz.
We have missed my Aunty Nicole and my Uncle Joe and it looks like we are also going to miss my Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping.  We will see them all very soon though as well as my Uncles and all my friends.

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