Monday, 25 August 2014

Here she is

Causing a Tornado
So there she was, waiting for us in Dorset.  In a beautiful field opposite Nana's house.  I was so happy to see her.  Mama started her up (after I had worked out how to turn the immobiliser off) and she sounded so pleased to see us.  We have explored all the cupboards and laid on the bed and I can't wait to sleep in her. 
We were so lucky to get her.  Mama and Daddy had been looking for a while.  They saw a Dethleffs that they really liked well over a year ago.  They didn't buy it because it was too early.  Daddy kept going on about how he knew we should have bought it.  We went to see several vans but they all smelt.  Some of dogs,.  Some of bacon.  Some of pubs.  We spent several weekends driving for hours and hours to discover that the van which looked OK on the photo smelt mouldy. 
Then in March, Daddy saw this van advertised and Mama sent them an email.  It looked perfect and it was only 6 miles away!  They got all excited and then discovered that the van was being used and was in Spain.  Their little faces fell.  I was up for going to Spain but they weren't.  Anyhow, when they had just about forgotten about this one, they got an email to say that the van was back and would they like to view it.  We were all very excited.  We all sort of knew it was the one even before viewing it.  So we went immediately and she was just perfect.  The owners were so nice.  The van was over our budget, but they took an offer and the following weekend we picked her up.  It was almost like it was fated.  Daddy has finally stopped going on about the Dethleffs.  And so here we are.  And here she is.  We keep going and looking at each other.  I am sure she is wondering who we are and how kind we will be to her. 
Mama has left Daddy to finish the house off.  The new tenants move in on the 6th September.  Mama says she's had enough of packing.  She is going to burn everything.  Daddy is bringing our things down to put into storage on Friday.  Daddy says they won't fit.  Mama might get her wish.  As long as they don't burn my books. 
Daddy says we now have to live a minimalist life style.  Mama agrees.  I don't know where I am going to store my sticks and rock collection.  Mama says we are doing things back to front.  They have children at 43 and then down size.  We have moved from a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom flat with roof terrace to a van with an awning.  I don't care.  I'm going to have Daddy and Mama all the time and we are going to play out.
Although not at the moment.  It is hurling with rain.  Mmmm.  What are 3 of us going to do in a van in the rain?
Oh No!