Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mama left a piece of her heart in the Alpujarras

So we came to Pampaneira and parked in a car park in the centre of the village and Mama fell in love.  She fell in love with the mountains.  She fell in love with the trees.    
A walk to the gorge
She fell in love with the white white walls and the green green plants and the water which rushed and gushed where ever you looked.
Poqueira Gorge
We walked all the way down to the Poqueira Gorge in the bottom of the valley.  There were brambles and nettles and it smelt of England in Spring time when the sun first starts warming up the wet ground and there were prickly pear and geckos.
The Gorge
And there were rivers running through the streets of the town. Melt water from the snowy Sierra Nevada and channelled down by the Moors running away from Granada.
A bar selling Jamon in a street with a stream
And they have houses with porches made of wood and terraces above and roofs made of trampled down shiny grey earth.

A house with a porch and a stream

So we went on a walk.  Daddy said it was the GR7 and a great walk of Europe.  So I took a stick for those pesky dogs.
Off to Bubion
If there was one thing I would change about Spain it is the dogs.  The place is full of caca and if you are not standing in it you are being growled at by one.  And they have great big ones charging about the place. And dogs.
Me on the GR7 and some more water.

What a view of Plastico
But we walked through Bubion and up to Capileira unscathed.  A bit barked at but unbitten.
A view

Almond Blossom

More Views
And we had the best meal in Capiliera.  And everyone was pleased to see us and we were pleased to see them as we had walked though the mist up a great big mountain to get there.  The best bit was that Daddy and I ran all the way back.  It took us 2 hours to get there and half an hour to get home.
Here Uncle Marcus.  A new building technique.
  And then we left and Mama left a bit of her heart there.  We drove to Lanjaron. Because Mama said she had found a nice hotel with a heated pool.  And it was a town full of fountains and I drank from every one.
It was a very green and pretty.
Green and Pretty
And the house had portals which led into beautiful little courtyards with magnificent doors and it was wonderful.  If you didn't step in dog caca.
A Puerta
We spent Mama's birthday at the hotel and it was lovely.
And we got dressed up for dinner so Mama took a picture because we had a bath.
We've had a bath
Oh and when we were in Pampaneira we met a lady who was weaving wool and Mama thought she was amazing and bought a shawl from her and the lady said we could come back the following day and watch her weave and I sat next to her and was very excited and Mama thought I might get my fingers chopped off.
And now we are sitting in the carpark of the hotel using their WIFI.  Mama says what goes around, comes around.


  1. This all looks beautiful! Particularly compared to a sort of urban greyness.

  2. Thank you. It is beautiful. Especially knowing that we are returning to the UK in May x.

  3. Mama's done it again with her photos! And your writing, Joey, is sublime - gets betterer and betterer. That place must be beautiful in the sunshine - unique! Thank you for showing us where you go and telling us of all your adventures - they make the day, as usual. Big kisses to you all and bon voyage - from Tatie and Ton-ton. xxxxxxxx


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