Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cabo de Gata to Trevelez Gata

St Jose
We have passed by Almeria several times and never stopped because it looks like it is covered in plastic bags but Mama has being banging on about Cabo de Gata and going there.  And how wonderful it is.  Windy but wonderful.

There are volcanoes and the Spring flowers were out and the air smelt of honey.
View from La Isleta del Moro and our parking spot on the right

And the towns were small fishing villages which gave you an idea what Benidorm must have been like.
Hermy Hermit hiding from the wind
We found a parking spot on the beach at Isleta del Moro and then walked along the coast to Los Escullos beach.  A lot of the path had crumbled away and we had to scramble up cliffs.  It was very exciting.  But very windy.
Wild Flowers
We drove out to Las Negras but it was full of motorhomes free camping and Daddy didn't like it.  He saw one campervan open their window and throw out some vegetable peelings and there were lots of dogs roaming about and making caca and if there is one thing Daddy doesn't like it is dog caca.
Rodalquilar Gold Mines and a view to the sea
So we moved away from the cost slightly to Rodalquilar which was an old gold mine and has a great village and a brilliant botanical garden.  Mama stole a pomegranate and Daddy told her off and I ate it.
Looking for Gold
They have made a really good job of rebuilding a ghost town and people were moving back in and tourists were coming and Daddy said he wished they would do the same ooop North. 
The wind was starting to send us a little bit lala so we decided to head for the hills and the Alpujarras.  We drove up to Canjayar which was a funny little town and they had an aire right by the fire station which pleased me and morning and evening the goats walked passed us and they didn't half smell.  Mama says nothing stinks like a Billy Goat.  I'm trying to prove her wrong.

And then we went to a campsite in Trevelez which is supposed to be the highest village in Spain. Daddy is the best driver in the world.  It just happened to also be the best place for curing ham which is done using only the cold dry air and salt.  We bought loads of jamon.  Mam said I would grow a curly tail if I kept on eating so much of it but I haven't.
Looking for snow
I have been asking to see snow because I want to be like my cousins in Norway and Mama said it was forecast to snow there.  It didn't snow but it hail stormed as I called it.  Thunder and lightening and big snowballs from the sky.
My snowball for my cousins
Fortunately Daddy had an umbrella with a big metal spike on the top of it which he held up to the lightening on top of the mountain as Mama pointed out.
Mi gata
I didn't get any snow but I made a friend.  Daddy was getting annoyed because she kept trying to get in the van and he accused Mama of trying to kidnap her.  Mama said she was pregnant and gave me some of the best jamon to give her. I would like a cat.  I would like some snow too.

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