Thursday, 19 February 2015

Moving On

 The weather has been really cold here the last few days.  My lovely aunties arrived from France and took the sunshine away with them to Seville.  Mama wants to hit the road again.  I am sad to be leaving.  I liked it here.  Mama says we need to find a campsite with a heated swimming pool as I love swimming and she is fed up with cycling to the one here which is miles away.
Anyway last week we went to Alfaz del Pi and there was a fiesta going on.  Mama said it might have been a Saint Valentine's celebration.  I got so excited with the marching children that I ran right along and joined in.  Mama said she had never seen so many Kinder Egg and Nutella costumes.  And me of course.  I marched to the front.
Me and my carnival
 The other evening, we were coming back from the playground in the dark when the man from the ironmongers ran out.  He said he had been watching for us all day.  He said in his country Valentine's day is about love between friends and that he loves me and he gave me a bag with a present in it.  Mama asked where he was from and he said Columbia and showed us photos of his son who he said looked just like me when he was little.  Mama embarrassed me by starting to cry.  I made her go.
Anyway, in the bag was a hat and a pair of gloves.  I think this is because Mama makes me wear socks on my hands and the man must have felt sorry for me.

Me and my Hat
We are going to be heading South next week.  We are going down the coast through Mazzarron and onto Malaga to see my Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping.  We might then go to Estapona to see my Aunty Zoe and then try and find somewhere to stay for another 6 weeks so that my Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers can come and visit.  I keep singing my Uncle Lollo is coming soon to my Fire truck song.

Friday, 13 February 2015

A day out in Guadalest

Lurking in Guadalest
I was so happy to see Nanny and Ganggang.  And they were happy to see me.  We went to visit a village in the mountains called Guadalest and I liked it there.
A picture taken by Nana where she got all 3 of us in.  Just
  I did a bit of rock climbing and hung about a church quite a bit until Mama said she was bored and made me move.

The Church

The Church.  The Light

Nana found a house with a donkey and a pig and a goat in it.
The goat

And I fell and bumped my knee on the cobbles.  

My sorely knee
 Mama went on a bit about the light and then we drove home.
The light

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Mama's Arty Hearty Shots

Oil and Lemon

Lemon and Grapefruit

Lemon, Grapefruit and Prickly Pear

Lemon and Grapefruit on Beach

Bench in Benidorm

Another Bench in Benidorm

Lemon and Grapefruit on Beach

Lemon being squeezed

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bye Bye Grand pappy

Sad to leave Nanarooney
So.  Mama said we were going on an aeroplane.  I got very excited because I have never been on one before.  We were going to go to England because my Grand pappy wasn't feeling well.  I was very excited but also very sad because my Nanna and Ganggang had just arrived in Spain and I was leaving them behind.
I was having a very nice time until the plane went into the air and then I wanted it to come down again.  Mama said we had to wait  but I didn't want to wait.  I wanted to come down now.  I wanted to get off.  I cried and cried and shouted a bit too.  Everyone was looking at me but I didn't care.  I wanted to get off.  Mama said there was nothing she could do and I didn't like that.  There is always something Mama can do.  So Mama nursed me and I went to sleep and when I woke up we were in London.
I was very happy to see Grand pappy and I climbed on his bed and kissed his nose and held his hand and he looked very pleased to see me.  I also got to see my Uncle Joe and my Uncle Lollo and I was very happy to be with them.  We all went to the pub together.  
Boozing it up
Climbing the walls
 Uncle Lollo slept in the same room as us and I like to wake up in the morning and climb on his bed.
Lovely Tooting Common Cafe
I spent a lot of time with daddy in the park.
Then Mama told me that Grand pappy had died and I went to see him and it was like he was sleeping.  Mama said I should say goodbye to him and I did.
I got a bit sad because I had to say bye bye to Uncle Lollo and Uncle Joe too.  I am always saying bye bye.  Mama looks sad too.  Sometimes I catch her crying.

 Then she told me that we were going back to see Nanny so I was happy again.  Until she told me we had to on an aeroplane................................
Calpe and Benidorm

Friday, 16 January 2015

Calpe and Benidorm

 The silver tops are here.  Mama said that Nanny was worried I wouldn't want to see her.  What rubbish!  When she came out of the airport, I charged her and grabbed her knees.  She dropped her case.  So I carried it for her.
Big Mountain
 We went to Calpe because Mama wanted to eat fish.  She ate fish whilst I slept.  They kept me some bits of squid for when I woke up.  I like squid.
 And then we slept in the sand. 
A lady on the campsite knitted me a jumper.  Her husband and his friend have one too.  They all came to have their photo taken with me.
Me and my jumper
Mama took us all to Benidorm.  Nana didn't want to go.  When we got there, we couldn't get her away.  Mama says this happens quite often.  She tried to persuade Nana to visit Iceland but Nanny wouldn't go.
On the beach again
 I played on the beach with Daddy. It was a beautiful day.  Nanny and Ganggang found a really nice restaurant.  So nice, I did a wee on the floor but they didn't mind.  They gave me a small bucket of sweets.
Las Vegas
 They gave the Nofuns a bottle of strange yellow liquid which made them go all silly.  So silly infact that Mama started dancing the cha cha down the street with me on her head.  Nanny bought a a pair of gold and white golf shoes.  Mama says she doesn't even play golf.  Then Nanny bought me a police bike with a really loud siren which she took off me later. 
Before lunch
 We all had a game of football in the street and loads of people joined in.  I met a lady with a pet pigeon.
After lunch
 It was very dark when we got home.  Mama couldn't tear Nanny and Ganggang away from the nightlife.  They wanted to join in.
Nanny in her new shoes

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Three Kings

 Small Car Big Dog told Mama that there was a big parade in Altea on the 5th of January.  So we went.  They said it was called the three kings.  We waited and waited and waited.  All of a sudden there was a huge blow up elephant.  Daddy said it was the biggest inflatable he had ever seen.  Mama said she wasn't so sure.
A big inflatable
 And then there was a renesorius.  A really big one.  And a tiger.  And a marching band with some great drumming which made me dance.  In the street.
A Renesorius
 There were balloons and girls with balloons and boys with balloons and more balloons.  And men playing pipes and men dressed in tights. 
 And then there was a man walking on a ball in a tall hat.  Mama said she bet she could do that and daddy said 'Rubbish'.
A man on a ball
 Just as I was wondering what this had to do with the three kings.  Along they came.  With lots of girls throwing sweets at me.  I collected a big bag full but try as I might, I can't find them anywhere. 
One King
 But best of all.  After the tigers and elephants and the man on a ball and the girls throwing sweets was an ambulance.  With the lights flashing.  I couldn't believe my luck.
The best bit
 Mama bought a three kings cake and it had a bean in it and a porcelain king.  I nearly choked on it.
Mama's little king

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Ear

Farewell my Uncle Bamby
Mama says it's 2015.  I thought it was Tuesday.  My uncle left.  In a big aeroplane.  I keep staring at the sky now to see if I can see him.  I miss him.  Nana is coming.  She is bringing Ganggang and a digger I hope.  Mama says there won't be room in their bags.  They are staying in a flat next to the campsite.  It has a bath.  Mama says I can have a bath this year.
Thought it was meant to be warm
New Year was chilly.  We were invited to a party the night before at the campsite.  I was very excited.  There was a guitarist.  Most people spoke Dutch and there were two people with flashing rabbit's ears on there heads.  I danced with them.  We ate cheese and liver sausage and crisps.  I had apple juice.
Daddy and me on a very very very big truck
The guitarist was Spanish.  Mama said it was Antonio Banderas after a very big Christmas dinner.  He started by playing some Spanish music.  I danced.  He then started to play the guitar behind his head.  I loved it.  When he began Delilah, Mama made me leave.  She is such a NoFun.
The Dutch enjoying themselves
New Years Day, the campers all jumped in the sea.  They kept asking me to go in too but I was frozen.
They had Santa's hats on.  It was all a bit stormy.  Mama said she bet there would be a visit from an ambulance.  I waited and waited fora flashing blue light but none turned up.
First Dinner of the New Year
We went to and Indian restaurant for lunch and sat in the sun and ate curry.  I chased a cat around until it scratched me.  Mama said it would teach me a lesson and Daddy said I would get rabies.  It didn't do either.
Mama is making curry for dinner. 
Happy New Year