Saturday, 11 April 2015

Marvellous Mijas

El Burro
We got on a bus from Furngirola to Mijas.  I like buses and so does Granddad.  It didn't take long and we got to Mijas.  There were lots of donkeys there.  They all looked very sad.  Except this one.  We had to push a load of Spanish Grannies out of the way to get on.  They were all fighting to ride it and shouting Arre Arre El Burro.

Looking at the view
 It was quite chilly windy so Mama didn't get much of a view of the coast.  It was a very nice town,  With lots of steps which I can jump off.  I specialise in jumping now.  It is my thing.  Mama says I am half man half frog.  Like Mowgli.  Daddy says Mama wanted to name me Mowgli.  Thank goodness Daddy had some sense.
Jumping Steps
 We went for a 7 Euro Menu del Dia which Mama managed to get up to 15 Euros each by the time she had finished ordering coffees with brandies.  She does get carried away.  I had lots of nice fish and a big plate of chips
The nearly last supper
 Mama kept going onb about the colours.  There were lots of pots of gereniums in reds and blues.
The colours
 And lots of tiled fountains and a playground.
The square
 And a really big tower.
The Tower
And a fountain which I could press with my foot and make water come out and which I couldn't leave alone.
My favourite bit
I had a really lovely day.  We got to ride back down on the bus and Granddad did the biggest sneeze I have ever heard which made Mama laugh so much that the whole bus laughed all the way down the hill.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fun in Fuengirola

En Famille
 They are here!  And we went to the zoo.
What's that on my bumbum?
Mama says I'm taking advantage but my Grandma plays with me all the time and I like her games.  We dig together for gold on the carpet and I get her to burp on command.

Cheeky Monkey
 Fuengirola BioPark was great.  Mama said it looked like Bali.  I saw lots of animals.  Mama said she could have climbed in with them. 
This elephant didn't move

 I saw lots of monkeys and snakes and dragons and an EEEEnormous tortoise.

Big one
 Mama kept annoying the meercats.  She squeaks at them and makes them all stand up on their back legs.  Poor things.
Hiding from Mama
 There were also lots of pink flamingoes who smelled bad. 
 I like taking pictures.  Mama says when I grow up I can be a photographer like Uncle Lollo.  He is coming next week and I can't wait.
I took this photograph

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Flat out in Fuengirola

Mama says I can only throw stones in the water
 We have an apartemente.  I like to say apartemente.  Over and over again.  It is lovely.  I don't want to go back to live in a camper van.  We have 3 bedrooms and a big terrace and I can run from room to room and slide on the marble floors.  Mama spent an age putting all the little statues away.  It's a shame as I would like to play with them.  It has been raining loads.
Storm drain poowee
 Mama has been grumpy about the weather.  It has been cold too.  I have been wearing 2 jumpers and it rained for nearly a week.
Look at all this rain
But yesterday the sun came out and for the first time in ages we spent the day on the beach.  I got sand in my bottom.  We went in the sea and I saw a lizard.  Not in the sea.
Blue skies
We keep exploring round town.  There is so much to see and so many playgrounds.  Our apartemente is between Los Boliches and Fuengirola next to the Feria ground where Nona is parked.  Mama goes to see her every day and I kiss her wing and tell her I miss her.

Hanging out with a couple of statues
 Mama goes on a bit about the colour of paintwork.  Watch out Nona she might paint you yellow.
Yellow paint
 Daddy likes churros and chocolate.  There is a great cafe next to us which serves them.  I do like fried food.  They do some great fried fish here too.
Look how happy daddy is
 Unfortunately I fell asleep during one of the best fish meals at El Choco in Los Boliches.
Being carried out
 There is a market here on Saturdays and on Tuesdays.  Saturday is a flea market but I didn't see any fleas.  I kept looking after Mama had told me.
Looking for fleas
 Granddad Geoffers and Grandma Brenda are coming on Tuesday.  I can't wait.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Not going to Granada

Home is a Car park
 We are going to Granada she said.  Got to get there before we head back to Albir she said.  Waiting for Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers and Grandma Brenda to come she said.  So on the way, we get lost and drive through a town and Mama says she likes it here lets stop the night.
This is my favourite van
 The next day, she says she likes it here lets rent a flat and get Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers and Grandma Brenda to come here.

Don't know if I trust this
 The next day we rent a horse and cart.  And the next day we rent a flat.

A bridge for my aunty Eddy
 I do like it here though.  It is full of little squares and fried fish and flowers.  I stared really hard at a woman eating a bag of crisps and she came over and gave it to me.  This technique also works with cakes I have found.  There is a train here which goes to Malaga.  We had a lovely day there.
What are you looking at?
 This is a church with a big fat hen on it in Malaga.
Big fat hen
 Mama went on and on about the colours of the buildings whilst I jumped on and off a fountain.  When I grow up I think I might be a frog.
 I had a wee in this garden,
Susu Garden
 Oh and the other thing about Fuengirola is that they have the best ice cream shop in the world.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Monkeying about in Gibraltar

The Rock
 The view of Gibraltar driving down was very impressive.  We were off to see my Aunty Zoe and her daughter Darcie.  Mama was very sad because she said the last time that she had been in Gibraltar a very dear friend had been there too.
Being Impressed
 We didn't know where to park when Mama found a car park near the border.  We walked across the runway just as an aeroplane was taking off.  It was very exciting.
Another night in a Car Park
 Aunty Zoe is so nice.  She drove us up to see the monkeys and they were busy scratching on somebody's car.  She then took us back to her house for the best dinner we have had in ages.
Monkey on a Merc
 I played with Darcie and she gave me one of her dolls to take with me and a bed to put it in.  We took a crazy taxi drive to the border and then spent the night in a car park.
My new friend
I had a lovely time.  I have some lovely aunties.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Going Mad in Benalmadena

The hotel
 So we finally get here and spend ages driving around for somewhere to stay.  Mama wants to free camp and Daddy says we will smell after 4 days so Mama books a fancy hotel and we have a party.
Caught up in parade
 This is not the party by the way.  This is someone else's party and we got caught up in it.  Anyhow, Mama has the bright idea to go up in a chair lift.  She knows I hate flying and she is scared of heights so I don't know what she was thinking of.
Going loco
I cried all the way to the top and Mama said she was going to be sick.  It was nice when we got there.  They had a bird show.
Big Bird

Another big bird
 They had some really really big birds which they said lived in Spain.  One was a vulture.  It was Enormous.  I had a good time on the way down but Mama still didn't look too good.
Coming down to earth
 My Aunties are really nice.  They always bring me really nice presents and we always eat really nice food.  They took us for somelovely tapas.
My fabulous aunties
 I got Aunty Jayne to come in the pool with me and then we went and ate lots of little shells together and some rice.
Having a dip
 Mama always goes a little bit mad round Aunty Jayne.  Aunty Jayne says that's because they've known each other for 42 years.

What's going on here?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Free Camping

Life in a van
 Drive along the fabulous coast road to Mojacar.  Daddy is happy as there are plenty of MOTORCYCLES on the roads.  Mama finds us a spot to hole up for the night but daddy isn't happy with it.  We move sites and Daddy is still not happy because the van is on a slope and Daddy can't bear a slope as he won't be able to sleep.  Mama says she doesn't care as she never sleeps anywhere.  They do go on those two.  It is very windy here so Mama gets out a kite that Nana bought for me and then plays with it all afternoon whilst I build sand castles. 
Oh they do go on
 We wake up to a fantastic sea view and a horse in a playground.  We set off to Roquetas and a great campsite in a very strange place.  It seems to be on waste ground in the middle of no where.  There is a tremendous bar there which for 2 Euros gives you a beer and minature fish and chips.  I thought Mama was going to move in just for the food.
Free Camping
 In the morning it smells like we are on holiday.  It is very misty moisty and we drive to the best campsite yet - Don Cactus in Carchuna  Oh I did like it here.  They had chickens and quail and fountains and terrapins and a tree house.
Oh to live in a house
 They also had a swimming pool with a strange creature coming out of the water.  It wasn't very warm but I insisted on going swimming. 
Look behind you
 They had a great restaurant there with lentil stew and baked hake.  I ate it all up.  I wanted to stay longer but Mama says it's too cold and also the town was a bit strange.  Mama said it felt like there wasn't too much work around.  We passed the biggest pile of rotten cucumbers I have ever seen.
Lentil Stew
 And so we have to leave again.  We need to get to Benalmadena to see my Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping and Mama doesn't know where we are going to stay. 
A flower for Nana