Monday, 6 July 2015

Birthdays and Break downs

Jump, jump, jump like a frog my friend
 I don't know how many birthdays you are supposed to have but I seem to have had a few.  I had one in Benidorm when everyone sang to me and brought out a big chocolate cake and then we had another where we all went out to dinner at the Chiringuito because it is Mama's favourite restaurant.  I like it there too because they have a jumping castle at the back.
Mama bought me some balloons that you can make into animal shapes and they were so hard to blow up, daddy had to get the van tyre pump out. 
Hardest balloons in the world

Anyway, I had a lovely day although I missed everybody as they have all gone home.  Mama says we can have another birthday party when we get to Nana's and I am really looking forward to that one because Nana says she will make me couscous.
We have a ferry booked on the 14th July.  It is very hot here so we packed up to leave yesterday at 5 in the morning.  We were all ready to go and when daddy went to start the van it wouldn't start. 
Driving my racing car

So we went to the beach.  A man came today to look at it and he said it might need a new battery and he will come back later.  So we are going to the beach.
I think we might be stuck here again.  Cap Blanch camping seems to keep us everytime we come here.

Sleeping it off

I can't wait to see Nanny and Ganggang Flipflip.  Cmon man.  Mend our van.

Nanny I like these types of lollies

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Feels like home. Albir and Benidorm and our Family Reunion

 I was so happy to get back to the camping at Cap Blanch and they were so happy to see me.  A lot of the same people were here and they said how I'd grown and gave me sweets and kisses.  The sweets were OK.  The sea is nice and warm now so we can swim in it
Warm Seas

and they have opened up jumping castles and exciting rides.

The Fun fair is open!

Daddy found this great shady spot to park the van and we all went and got our hair cut to celebrate

I let this man wash my hair but not Mama
and hung out at the Ferret ear (mama says ironmongers) where they say they spent more of my inheritance on chairs .  I am so excited about my cousins coming.  They arrived on Monday and came and spent a couple of days at the van and they are great and they could sit down.

My cousins
We just settle back in when Mama packs us all up and whisks us off in a taxi to Benidorm.  I am not too happy about this but only come along because she promises that I will see my cousins and more Aunts and Uncles coming from all over the world and party party party.  
Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping are the first to arrive and we have a lovely time with them.

Add caption

They do make Mama laugh.  And me....

We have a lovely flat next to the park in Benidorm.  Mama says that she actually quite likes it and it's not as bad as she thought Benidorm would be in June.

Our View

We all get together in the big park in Benidorm.  And we have a ball.

The Showry

Uncle Mic the great photographer

Aunty Jenny and Johanna

My beautiful Aunty Eddy and Aunty Tee with Uncle Xavier

My cousin Riff

Uncle Kenneth and Aunty Alba

What time do you call this Mama?
      My gujy wujy
 Early one morning we held a memorial for Grandpappy.  Mama chose a spot overlooking the sea and the whole family got there just as the sun came up.  Mama gave a speech which made her cry and Uncle Joe spoke and so did Aunty Tee and Aunty Audrey and the sun came up and turned the sky pink and a seagull sat on the wall and watched us.  We put some of Grandpappy's ashes in the sea and they floated away like a puff of smoke and Mama said it reminded her of Goa. 
Then we all went and had carajillos and croissants in a bar and it was a fabulous way to say bye bye to Grandpappy.

Then it was party party party.
Uncle Thomas

I took a real liking to my Uncle Doug who I called Uncle Thomas and to my Uncle Chris and my Auntie Jessica who I called the lady.  She came with her Mama Aunty Marion.  Mama says never have a party without Aunty Marion as she makes magic happen.
Aunty Marion and the lady

All my aunties made a fuss of me and bought me presents and sang happy birthday.  Because I am no longer 2 and a half.
more cheek squeezing

My lovely present from uncle joe and aunty tee
And then it was time to say bye bye to Benidorm.  I was so happy to see Nona.  I had missed her.
Looking for Nona
Bye bye Beni
We had one last party back at the van and then they all left

Partying with Nona
 And I was all at sea
At Sea
Still, this time in 2 weeks I will be back in the arms of my Nanny and Ganggang and I can't wait.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Moia and Vilanova y la Geltru

So we left Banyoles and we were going to head to Poblet as Mama likes the name of it. The last town she liked the name of was Peniscola.  We stopped overnight in a town called Moia.  It was miles away from anywhere and we parked on a very suburban front street for the night. 
 The town was very pretty and had a church.
Church in Moia
 And some statues.  We were awoken in the morning by all the school children trundling past and trying to stare in.  I was very very hot in the night and Mama said I was sleep talking.  She was worried about me but I was fine and full of beans in the morning.
Mama making me pose
 Anyhow.  We have had a rumbling coming from the front wheel for a while so Daddy said he didn't want to drive up anymore mountain tracks and we should get it fixed.
 We drove to a town with a campsite where we stopped last winter which had a lot of industry.  Mama didn't like it there but Dady said it was good for facilities.  I love it.
Playing ping pong
They have 4 swimming pools.  Toddler pools and heated pools.  Fountains and slides and bars and restaurants.
Lunch at the bar
They have jumping pillows.
Jumping Pillow
 And sun loungers
Sun Lounging
and play school with toys.
Sniffing glue at play school
 And wifi and youtube.
Wifi Youtube
And long flat roads to cycle on.
Cycling in my pyjama
 And an animatiion team to dance for me.
Animating me
And other children to play with.  Daddy got the wheel bearings fixed, new front tyres and brakes from a very nice garage.  And I had a dance. 
And a lolly.

Beautiful Banyoles. Penis

Picture of the lake
 We drive up to this really pretty natural lake in Banyoles.  We find a terrific free camping spot over looking the lake with toilets and water and bins and more importantly shade.
Picture of the lake
 A big storm starts coming in and Mama goes crazy talking about the light and taking pictures of the lake.  She rings uncle Lollo because she says he would take the best pictures here.
 She also rings Nanny and Nanny says oh no a storm.  Be careful.  So Mama says of what?  Of the golf club she is encouraging me to wave about.  Nana doesn't think it is very funny.
Another one
Anyway, Mama has taught the names of all the parts of the body.  The other day I saw a little boy naked at the swimming pool so I pointed to his penis and shouted penis.  Everyone looked really shocked.  So I have taken to shouting it out everytime I see one.  Sometimes I shout it even when I don't just to see what Daddy does.
Guess what?
 Daddy said Mama should have taught me a private word for it.  Mama said don't be so ridiculous.  What's wrong with penis.
C'mon Mama that's enough
 Daddy says we use the word bottom and not anus.  Mama said he was starting to talk out of it.  I think she got mixed up.
I'm fed up now
Anyway, she eventually stopped taking photos and getting grumpy with Dadday and we found a playground.  I just climbed up the slide and it started to rain really heavily so we had to run back to the van and shelter whilst Mama whooped at the lightening.
Haha A playground


Free Camping Spot