Saturday, 8 February 2014

Things to entertain Mummy during the rainy days

Mummy says it's a long old winter.  She keeps buying me longer and longer wellies if that's anything to go by. 
Welly bellies

She takes me out every day - even though it's hurling it down and I think she is going to get arrested by the parenting police.  Today, we were the only people on the common and I nearly blew away.  I keep dreaming up things to entertain her in the house so we don't have to go out.  I learned to play guitar on my shirt.

And then I found a baby to kiss in the mirror.

I put numbers on Daddy head,   I hide pigs behind my back, I dance for her and sing for her.  I play hide and seek.  I stroke her face if she looks sad.  I perform circus tricks and try and stand on my head.  I laugh at all her jokes as if they are the first time I have heard them.  I try on an array of hats for her amusement
Daddy's hat

and I make every single animal noise I can think of.  And she still insists on taking me out..............................................