Things which Changed Our Lives

Mummy doesn't like shopping.  I hate it.  Mummy hasn't really bought much at all.  She doesn't know much about baby things.  Most of my toys have been given to her and she gives me pans and a wooden spoon to play with.  I don't know what I am going to do when I get older.  I am relying on my Aunties for an Xbox. But there are a few things which we think we couldn't do with out and this is where I am going to put them.  Mummy has not been sponsored to write these reviews.

The first recommendation would have to go to our Doula (Mummy had to Google this word when she first got pregnant - doula that is.  Not Indira) Indira.  She was inspirational with her knowledge and has the most incredible library.  She helped Mummy give birth to me at home and without her, Mummy doesn't think she would have had the courage.  She also taught Mummy pregnancy yoga along with another fabulous teacher Ursula at a studio in SW17.  It was a very gentle form of Iyengar yoga.  Mummy says this definitely helped with the labour and I used to get to hang upside down whenever she went to class.

Then of course- we have to thank the La Leche League for all it's help and advice.  They are a charity and it is amazing how kind these Mummies are - running help lines at all hours of the day and giving up their homes to help Mummies and babies with breast feeding.  You can put your post code into the website to find your nearest group.  Their book - The Womanly art of Breast feeding is absolutely fantastic for anyone thinking about breast feeding.  Mummy also recommends the meetings for pregnant mums and says she wishes she had visited earlier.

Mummy and I are both sold on slings.  Mummy bought a sling straight away when I was born but it was very uncomfortable for her as it was held across one shoulder.  She then went to a sling library and tried lots and lots on.  I got very hot and fed up but Mummy borrowed two and the Ergo baby came out top.  It is made out of really soft fabric.  It packs up small and you can wear it front and back (and side but that is uncomfortable for Mummy) .  I was quite a big baby (4.425kg) so it was important that the sling was well supported and Mummy says that she is.  I have spent several hours at a time in this.  The down side is that you can't carry much in the pocket so Mummy has bought the bag which goes with it too.

Next on the list of can't do without is my toothbrush which we both think is wonderful.  I have been brushing my teeth with it ever since I was six months old. 

And then onto leggings. Mummy came late to leggings. I got fed up with trying to crawl in bulky jeans and Mummy got fed up with getting me in and out of them. These leggings are merino wool and very soft and warm and stretchy. Mummy says that wool is wonderful and resists dirt and smells (not from me).
This one is just for Mummy.  She says it is the best book on child care that she has read.  It is more about anthropology than cultural expectations and she recommends it to every new mum .
Daddy spent hours researching bike seats and came to the conclusion that he wanted me sitting on the front where he could see me and not on the back where I could pull faces at him.  He is very very pleased with the Wee Ride.  It was easy to fit and I love it.  He also got the Weeride helmet because it was the lightest helmet on the market and I have got quite a small head and they didn't want me to get squashed.  I have noticed that Mummy and Daddy don't wear helmets though!
   Mummy eventually bought me a toy and I love these.  She puts them on the fridge and I play with them whilst waiting for the porridge to cook in the morning.  I can roar at the lion and I have pushed the giraffe down the back of the radiator.
Yes!! My rain suit.  I was climbing the walls in the house when it's raining so Mummy togs me up like a council refuse worker and we go out in the rain.  Be warned though.  If you fall over on the wet grass - you can slide for miles.
And these leggings are wonderful too and very very cheap.  Some of my Aunties say that I will have words with my mummy when I get older about having to wear these but at the moment I really don't care.  They are a bit nylony but they are great for playing out in. And since I have started walking - Mummy has found that these seem to be the best things for my feet. She hasn't yet found a good way of keeping them dry when it rains, so I have several pairs and we just keep changing them.
This book was bought for me by Aunty Jayne and I just love it. It was one of my first books and is fabulous..
And this book from GAM is wonderful. I especially like the tractor's shiny engine.

These are wonderful bibs (if you can get over the name of them)and Mummy has had them right from when I was born and they are still going strong now. You can also turn them around and make like a super hero.

OK and here's a wild card.  (I do worry about Mummy when she makes me include things like this).  Mummy had been diagnosed with eczema in her ears some 20 years ago. She had been offered steroids but didn't fancy dripping them into her brain.  When she was pregnant with me, it all cleared up but pretty soon after I was born - it came back.  Mummy then discovered cider vinegar and within a week of applying it twice a day it has cleared up and never come back.  Mummy feels like some sort of miracle has been performed.  She can't understand why everyone doesn't know about it (if you have eczema in your ears that is.  It would be no good for a broken leg).  Anyway, she made me write this.  Top Tip - make sure it's cider vinegar - I'm not sure that Sarson's Malt would do the same.

Mummy received a wonderful gift during her pregnancy which was a selection of all things necessary when a small person enters your house.  It contained everything that Mummy didn't know she needed and was a life saver when I came along and Mummy hadn't bought any disposable nappies!  Thanks to Pamolly's Gift Barn. 

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