Sunday, 31 May 2015

Special Esponella

Big Bugger
 We are at this campsite near Figueres and it's really nice.  It has 3 swimming pools and 2 of them are really hot.  It has a big river and Mama saw a Kingfisher.  I didn't although I looked and looked.  Mama said we could go kayaking and then she looked at the size of the river and said that daddy had once tried to drown her on the Mekong and she didn't want to risk it here.  I'm quite glad.
 We walked up a pth in a wood to the town and sat in a small bar and there was no one about apart from tractors so we ate cake and looked at tractors and I thought it was great.  Cake AND tractors.
Trying to get me to go on a walk
 I caught a damselfly in the swimming pool and I have been swimming every day.  Mama calls me Mr Otter and I call her Mr Dolphin.  The water is lovely and warm.
Damsel fly
I have played pool twice.  Mama says I have blown all of my inheritance on pool.  She says not all the balls come out and I keep putting the balls down the pockets.

Losing my inheritance
 I am also into crazy golf.  CRAZY.  I have ridden my bike all over it and I also put all the balls in the holes there too.
Best of all, loads of children turned up yesterday.  Hundreds of them chasing about and shouting all through the night.  I joined in.  I played football with them and helped them fly a plane and dug in sand and splashed in the pool.  Some of them don't want to say Hola and run away when I try and play but I have made some nice friends.
Mama made me some shoes and she is so very pleased with them although she doesn't think Aunty Jayne will approve.
My home made shoes

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Party Party Party

Oh I do like a party and I have been to some parties but this one was really really good.  Uncle Joe lent us his hotel for a scrub down.  Mama enticed me there with Youtube.  The showers on the Municipal Camping in Capestang aren't too good which is a shame because we have lots of space there and it is very pretty and we saw a Hoopoe or two.  Anyway, GUJ and I got togged up.
Me and my shadow
 At the party they had lots of bubbles which I chased about for a bit and they also had lots of acts on stage.

 I especially liked one by Tatie Suzy and Ton ton David and I started to act it myself when we got home.
Watching the acts
 There was a really good one at the end with Tatie Judy and Tatie Sarah.  Oh they are good my Aunties.
Lots of legs
 I was supposed to sing Aye Aye Ippee.  I started off humming it and then told everyone that I was fed up and walked off stage and left Mama to sing it.  Uncle Joe was great though.  Everyone shouted encore encore bravo.  He was very famous.
My famous Uncle Joe

Tatie and Ton Tons present
 The very next day we went for lunch with my Tatie Laurence and I had another lovely French meal.
And then we left for Spain.  I have missed Spain.  I kept saying Hola to everyone in France and when I went into a bar I ordered a zumo de manzana and they didn't know what I was talking about.  I miss them all though.  It's not as much fun just with Mama and Daddy.

Embarrassin to Capestang

River Ebrow
 We leave Embarracin in a terrible wind which shakes the van about all over the place.  We drive through fields of lovely wild flowers and I see an eagle.  We arrive at a campsite in Caspe.  I think it is by a lake with big waves on it but Daddy says its the River Ebrow.  Mama says there must be some big fish in there.   The wind is just awful.  I don't like it.  It fills the van with sand and fluff and blows me over.
Feeding the cat
 Mama says the campsite is full of lairy French fishermen.  She says she wants to go.  I find a cat in a drain and feed it water from the end of a hose pipe and it likes me and I have a game of pool which is the best game in the world.  We leave the next day
 We stop in Manresa for the most expensive sandwich in the world and Mama keeps staring at a jaggerdy mountain and a delicatessen and then we drive on.
Dancing Statue
 We eventually stop in the middle of nowhere called Santa Maria dÓlot.  Mama likes it because it's on a hill.  Daddy parks at the bottom of the hill under a tree and opposite a playground.
What a view our parking spot for the night
I thought it was just perfect until they make me walk all the way down the hill to a spring and then all the way to the top for the view.  At the bottom of the hill there are some poor workmen filling bottles from the spring.
La Mer
 The next day we get to the sea at Montgo.  It feels like ages since we have seen the sea.  The campsite there is great as it has a heated pool but it is absolutely full with shouty jumpy crazy children.  Mama says she doesn't like it and wants to go.  Gosh she is picky.  Picky picky picky.  I persuade her to have a swim and it's all a bit scary in that pool.
Way to go
But the woman on reception says that everyone will go home after the weekend and sure enough they do so we stay for 3 nights and I swim myself silly.
Blue Ice cream
 Mama promised me an ice cream and we went into the town and I found a shop.  Mama said that it wasn't ice cream, it was lard cream but I insisted and I insisited on a blue one.  Mama said that no food was blue.  But I wanted blue.  When I got it, I asked her if it was real or pretend.  I don't know what flavour it was but it was really good.  Mama got annoyed because it stained my vest, my shorts, my hands and my tongue.  Blue.  Best of all the next day I had a blue poo.  Mama was impressed then.
More Statues L'Escala
 And then we went to France.  Mama went to look for the house where she used to live with her Uncle Peter and Tatie Laurence.
The Canal
 We found it but it was a fancy pants tourist information office.  I had a good look for Uncle Peter but couldn't find him anywhere.
Looking for Uncle Peter
Mama got very sad.  Roll on Tatie Suzy's Party...........  Oh and guess what.  Nana taught me how to say Bugger.  Bugger, Bugger, Bugger.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Albarracin Hot Hot Hot

Another view
Mama said that Albarracin had been named the prettiest town in Spain.  All I can tell you is it's HOT.  It's steep and it's hot.  All I wanted to do was sit in the bar and look at Youtube and they put me on a bicycle and dragged me into town
Another Hill
 They made me walk up all the hills as well.
Another building
I did get a glass of fizzy water.  I have never had bubbles before and I like them.  They tickle my mouth.  I also got a cake.
Another wall
Daddy put the air-con on in the van for the first time and Mama said that it was nice and cool at 29 degrees.  Daddy said it is above forty outside.  Oh and it's windy too.  I don't like the wind.  The campsite here is really nice and I have my own bathroom with a bath in it and it's nice and clean and cool.
We are heading upto my Tatie Suzy's and Tonton David's wedding in the South of France so we have to get a move on.  I can't wait to see them again.  I really liked her cat.  My great uncle Joe is coming too and I am so happy.  The only thing is that Mama says we will have to travel early in the morning now that it is so hot and I just don't want to get out of bed.

Let me sleeeeeeep

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Enchanted City

Bears in this hole
 We drove up this lovely windy road to the Enchanted City which was full of very big rocks which I tried to climb up.
A Bench
 It was very hot.  We were supposed to walk round it in an hour but 2 and a half hours later we were still going.
Are we there yet
 daddy carried me for some of the way.
Snowy Owl
 And I helped him along by singing Aye Aye Ipee.
Showing daddy the way
 It was very very quiet.  No cars,  No planes. No one else.  Just the trees rustling.
Being a train in a tunnel
 Apart from me singing.
These were meant to be 2 elephants heads
 But the best thing about it all was we parked in their carpark and we were the only people there and we never saw one car all night and all we could hear was an owl and all we could see was the light from the stars and that was enchanting.

Quirky Cuenca

Gosh we've been gadding about.  Spent yonks in the van driving through really hot dusty plains which Mama said looked like Mexico.  Stopped in this strange town called Villaneuva de Jarra and sat at a bar in the square.
This chap came up and started to speak to me in Spanish.  I ignored him for a bit because his pants were undone and he had only one tooth and I couldn't understand a word he was saying.  Then he gave me a lollipop and I became his bezzy mate.  He asked if we wanted to visit his house which was this massive thing in the square and he told us it was an eye hospital for the International Brigade in 1936.  It was huge.
Eye Eye
Falling down but huge and he had a toy tractor that he pushed me up and down on.  He said I looked like a gypsy and Mama said we had better go.  Muchas Gracias. 
Quirky Cuenca
We then got to Cuenca and Daddy found this fabulous free parking spot right under the old town with toilets and free wifi.  I was so happy.
Hanging Houses
Not so happy about the hill I had to climb up though.
Drinking like a Spaniard
When we got to the top there were lots of drinking fountains and I made another friend and jumped about in them and got wet and had to spend the afternoon without a shirt. 
More steps
Some more people said I looked like a gypsy.
We had some nice drinks.  I do like bars and tapas but got a bit fed up at walking around looking at views
Another view
and cathedrals
and buildings.
And more buildings.

I don't mind a statue though.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Marvellous Mesones

Our New Spot
 Camping Rio Mundo.  What a lovely place!  How quiet and cool after a carpark in Guadalix.  So many animals about and nobody here.  Cool at night.  We need the duvet again.
A slide with a view
 Mountains all over the place.  I can't stop singing aye aye ippee.  Mama took me fishing.  daddy laughed and said she would never catch anything but she turned into a bit of a stalking crane and sure enough pulled out a fish.
We couldn't eat it though.
The catch
 We walked up to the village which was just a few houses, a playground and a wash house.
 The wash house had some really pretty paintings of fishes on the wall.
The fishes
 The playground was very old and squeaked but we were surrounded by mountains and all the the old people came out to say hello.
The playground
 We saw this amazing butterfly which they told me was quite rare.  Mama said it was on its way out but I wanted to rescue it.
My butterfly

Big one
 It had very hairy legs.
Oh look at that
 We also saw plenty of lizards.  There were all types of birds too.  There were masses of tree creepers and Mama befriended another chaffinch called Chuffy who came for bread every day.
A lizard
 We also saw a snake.  I nearly stood on it and daddy pulled me up by arm.  I didn't mind but he had to have a lie down. 

YouTube and my olive stones that I nibbled round with Mama's help
But best of all they have great Wifi so I watched YouTube every morning.  Mama said I should be playing out and not acting like my Uncle Joe.