Sunday, 10 May 2015

Marvellous Mesones

Our New Spot
 Camping Rio Mundo.  What a lovely place!  How quiet and cool after a carpark in Guadalix.  So many animals about and nobody here.  Cool at night.  We need the duvet again.
A slide with a view
 Mountains all over the place.  I can't stop singing aye aye ippee.  Mama took me fishing.  daddy laughed and said she would never catch anything but she turned into a bit of a stalking crane and sure enough pulled out a fish.
We couldn't eat it though.
The catch
 We walked up to the village which was just a few houses, a playground and a wash house.
 The wash house had some really pretty paintings of fishes on the wall.
The fishes
 The playground was very old and squeaked but we were surrounded by mountains and all the the old people came out to say hello.
The playground
 We saw this amazing butterfly which they told me was quite rare.  Mama said it was on its way out but I wanted to rescue it.
My butterfly

Big one
 It had very hairy legs.
Oh look at that
 We also saw plenty of lizards.  There were all types of birds too.  There were masses of tree creepers and Mama befriended another chaffinch called Chuffy who came for bread every day.
A lizard
 We also saw a snake.  I nearly stood on it and daddy pulled me up by arm.  I didn't mind but he had to have a lie down. 

YouTube and my olive stones that I nibbled round with Mama's help
But best of all they have great Wifi so I watched YouTube every morning.  Mama said I should be playing out and not acting like my Uncle Joe.


  1. You get more and more photogenic by the day my lovely Joey. What fantastic adventures. I can't wait for the book to come out! xxxxxx Can't wait to see you, too. Your loving Tatie and Tonton.

  2. Spot on, Junior, you need to balance all that walking and nature with a digital dose of YouTube.Yeah!

    By the way, I agree with your Tatie Suzy. You are indeed looking good and photogenic.

    Lots of love,


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