Thursday, 28 May 2015

Party Party Party

Oh I do like a party and I have been to some parties but this one was really really good.  Uncle Joe lent us his hotel for a scrub down.  Mama enticed me there with Youtube.  The showers on the Municipal Camping in Capestang aren't too good which is a shame because we have lots of space there and it is very pretty and we saw a Hoopoe or two.  Anyway, GUJ and I got togged up.
Me and my shadow
 At the party they had lots of bubbles which I chased about for a bit and they also had lots of acts on stage.

 I especially liked one by Tatie Suzy and Ton ton David and I started to act it myself when we got home.
Watching the acts
 There was a really good one at the end with Tatie Judy and Tatie Sarah.  Oh they are good my Aunties.
Lots of legs
 I was supposed to sing Aye Aye Ippee.  I started off humming it and then told everyone that I was fed up and walked off stage and left Mama to sing it.  Uncle Joe was great though.  Everyone shouted encore encore bravo.  He was very famous.
My famous Uncle Joe

Tatie and Ton Tons present
 The very next day we went for lunch with my Tatie Laurence and I had another lovely French meal.
And then we left for Spain.  I have missed Spain.  I kept saying Hola to everyone in France and when I went into a bar I ordered a zumo de manzana and they didn't know what I was talking about.  I miss them all though.  It's not as much fun just with Mama and Daddy.


  1. Little Joe - you were the STAR of the show, you really were. Everybody kept saying "who is that GORGEOUS little boy?" Oh, HIM, I said, you don't know who HE is? It's the famous little Joe (some people just know nothing.) We miss you little Joe but we have lots and lots of videos so they will have to suffice until we see you again. We miss mama and daddy and GUJ so very, very much. Thank you SO much for coming and for our lovely drawing and prose (we are framing it:). xxxxxxx

  2. Yup, it was so much fun having you, Mama and Daddy around. And wasn't that Party a lark? I hope we can practice another party number for the next BIG event: the Figueiredo reunion in Benidorm in June. We'll really blow the audience away this time.

    Lots of love,


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