Thursday, 28 May 2015

Embarrassin to Capestang

River Ebrow
 We leave Embarracin in a terrible wind which shakes the van about all over the place.  We drive through fields of lovely wild flowers and I see an eagle.  We arrive at a campsite in Caspe.  I think it is by a lake with big waves on it but Daddy says its the River Ebrow.  Mama says there must be some big fish in there.   The wind is just awful.  I don't like it.  It fills the van with sand and fluff and blows me over.
Feeding the cat
 Mama says the campsite is full of lairy French fishermen.  She says she wants to go.  I find a cat in a drain and feed it water from the end of a hose pipe and it likes me and I have a game of pool which is the best game in the world.  We leave the next day
 We stop in Manresa for the most expensive sandwich in the world and Mama keeps staring at a jaggerdy mountain and a delicatessen and then we drive on.
Dancing Statue
 We eventually stop in the middle of nowhere called Santa Maria dÓlot.  Mama likes it because it's on a hill.  Daddy parks at the bottom of the hill under a tree and opposite a playground.
What a view our parking spot for the night
I thought it was just perfect until they make me walk all the way down the hill to a spring and then all the way to the top for the view.  At the bottom of the hill there are some poor workmen filling bottles from the spring.
La Mer
 The next day we get to the sea at Montgo.  It feels like ages since we have seen the sea.  The campsite there is great as it has a heated pool but it is absolutely full with shouty jumpy crazy children.  Mama says she doesn't like it and wants to go.  Gosh she is picky.  Picky picky picky.  I persuade her to have a swim and it's all a bit scary in that pool.
Way to go
But the woman on reception says that everyone will go home after the weekend and sure enough they do so we stay for 3 nights and I swim myself silly.
Blue Ice cream
 Mama promised me an ice cream and we went into the town and I found a shop.  Mama said that it wasn't ice cream, it was lard cream but I insisted and I insisited on a blue one.  Mama said that no food was blue.  But I wanted blue.  When I got it, I asked her if it was real or pretend.  I don't know what flavour it was but it was really good.  Mama got annoyed because it stained my vest, my shorts, my hands and my tongue.  Blue.  Best of all the next day I had a blue poo.  Mama was impressed then.
More Statues L'Escala
 And then we went to France.  Mama went to look for the house where she used to live with her Uncle Peter and Tatie Laurence.
The Canal
 We found it but it was a fancy pants tourist information office.  I had a good look for Uncle Peter but couldn't find him anywhere.
Looking for Uncle Peter
Mama got very sad.  Roll on Tatie Suzy's Party...........  Oh and guess what.  Nana taught me how to say Bugger.  Bugger, Bugger, Bugger.

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  1. I've only just read this, Joey. It's very touching and brings back memories of Montgo and of Uncle Peter. Yes, it feels like he's still here. I like the word bugger, too! Bugger, bugger, bugger! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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