Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Farewell Fuengirola. Hello Granada

We left Fuengirola on the day the Internation Fair started.  Boo hoo.  I wanted to go on the dodgems but Mama said No Way Jose.  I managed to join in on a parade of bagpipes though.  We didn't drive far but it took us an age to get to Torre del Mar.  Via Lidl.  Everywhere is via Lidl. 
Me and the bagpipes
It had been such a long time since we have been in the van, the No Funs had forgotten where they had put everything. Anyway, we stopped at Torre del Mar and I liked it there.

Me and Nona
 They had lots of children to play with because it was a holiday.  There was lots of flamenco too and I joined in with the hand clapping and foot stomping.  Mama said she had gone off flamenco.  I ate loads of great ice cream. 
I scream

Nobody tells you that Spain is great for ice cream.  I drew on lots of rocks and I made friends with a Spanish girl in the caravan opposite. 
Rock Drawings

She played bat and ball with me.  She reminded me of my cousin Sienna.  I kept going to call for her.  Mama said she was about 12 and I had to stop stalking her especially when I followed her into the showers on my bicycle.
We had a really nice time in Torrre del Mar.  I even saw big fish jumping.  Mama said they were dolphins.
Me in Torre

We went for a long bike ride to La Caleta de Velez and Mama blew 2 days budget on a fish meal cooked in an oil drum in the middle of a hot and dusty carpark.  It was nice though.
We then went to the caves at Nerja.  I liked those.  I liked them a lot.  They shouted at Mama for taking pictures with a flash and Mama said how are you supposed to take them in the dark and muttered something about Franco and Daddy hurried us along and I had a great time singing in a big dark cave.  We slept in the carpark.
We are now in Granada and I like it here.

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  1. Divine and colourful descriptions, Joey. Your writing talents are as good as your mama's! Always SUCH pure joy! xxxxxx Love from Tatie and that Ton-ton chap.


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