Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Enchanted City

Bears in this hole
 We drove up this lovely windy road to the Enchanted City which was full of very big rocks which I tried to climb up.
A Bench
 It was very hot.  We were supposed to walk round it in an hour but 2 and a half hours later we were still going.
Are we there yet
 daddy carried me for some of the way.
Snowy Owl
 And I helped him along by singing Aye Aye Ipee.
Showing daddy the way
 It was very very quiet.  No cars,  No planes. No one else.  Just the trees rustling.
Being a train in a tunnel
 Apart from me singing.
These were meant to be 2 elephants heads
 But the best thing about it all was we parked in their carpark and we were the only people there and we never saw one car all night and all we could hear was an owl and all we could see was the light from the stars and that was enchanting.


  1. Paradise on earth! Sounds wonderful. Nighty night, my darling little campers. OOO OOO (another owl calling from France)
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tatie

  2. Away from the madding crowd and a great place to play Cowboys & Indians, Junior.



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