Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Quirky Cuenca

Gosh we've been gadding about.  Spent yonks in the van driving through really hot dusty plains which Mama said looked like Mexico.  Stopped in this strange town called Villaneuva de Jarra and sat at a bar in the square.
This chap came up and started to speak to me in Spanish.  I ignored him for a bit because his pants were undone and he had only one tooth and I couldn't understand a word he was saying.  Then he gave me a lollipop and I became his bezzy mate.  He asked if we wanted to visit his house which was this massive thing in the square and he told us it was an eye hospital for the International Brigade in 1936.  It was huge.
Eye Eye
Falling down but huge and he had a toy tractor that he pushed me up and down on.  He said I looked like a gypsy and Mama said we had better go.  Muchas Gracias. 
Quirky Cuenca
We then got to Cuenca and Daddy found this fabulous free parking spot right under the old town with toilets and free wifi.  I was so happy.
Hanging Houses
Not so happy about the hill I had to climb up though.
Drinking like a Spaniard
When we got to the top there were lots of drinking fountains and I made another friend and jumped about in them and got wet and had to spend the afternoon without a shirt. 
More steps
Some more people said I looked like a gypsy.
We had some nice drinks.  I do like bars and tapas but got a bit fed up at walking around looking at views
Another view
and cathedrals
and buildings.
And more buildings.

I don't mind a statue though.

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