Crawling Though Europe

Mummy and Daddy love travelling.  Their last trip was 2006-2007 when they blogged about travelling South East Asia overland; mostly on motorbike. So they decided when I was 2 in 2014 to rent everything out and buy a camper van and set off again.  (Daddy has promised to take me pillion as soon as I get big enough).
We are going to stick to Europe although Mama says her heart is in Asia so that all the family can come and visit.  Mummy also has lots of friends and family around Europe that she says I have to meet.  (I hope they like children more than Mummy used to).
So far we have travelled to The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and we are also going to Germany.  That's just the first 2 years.  We travel slowly and don't spend too long on the road so that I don't get bum ache and they don't get a pain in the neck. They try and find me some friends to play with and some sand to dig in and some trees to stare at.  We were very lucky to have my cousins come out and stay with us for a whole month.
I want a dog but Mummy says she's not sleeping in the same space as a dog!
We don't know what we will be doing next year and I know Mama is fretting.  People keep talking about schools to her. Daddy says 'Just roll with it' and Mummy rolls her eyes.


  1. I am so very much looking forward to this series. How long before you start?

    1. Hello there. They are planning to leave Spring/Summer 2014 if everything goes to plan.......

  2. Your mom and dad sound a bit weird to me Joe!


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