Sunday, 15 September 2013

The best toy in the world

Mummy is rubbish at buying toys.  Mostly she buys things she likes.  She spent ages today looking at miniature plastic animals.  I thought that they were only good for chewing but she kept trying to persuade me to like them.  She was making a chicken and a lion kiss.  I had to howl to get her out of the shop.  I think she wanted to get a glass cabinet and to start collecting them. 
Anyway, she thinks I can make do with a colander and spoon.  Most mornings I spend with the brush that Nana bought.  Nana always buys brushes when she comes.  She has a thing for a 'soft long brush' whatever that maybe.  She also likes a soft cloth for cleaning.  Mummy once caused a scene when she discovered that Nana's dish cloth was a pair of old underpants.  I think it might be something they do up North.  (That's where Nana and Mummy are from.)  Mummy keeps trying to teach me Northern.  She has a horror that I will grow up speaking Southern. She makes me practise rounding my vowels.

Brush Baby

Anyway, thank goodness for all my aunties and uncles because I have a huge selection of toys but I have to say that Mummy surpassed them all today and bought me the best toy I have ever had.  She really surprised me as she didn't say anything about it and then I found it on the kitchen floor.  It's soft and furry and slightly bouncy and it plays peek-a-boo with me.
 I spent about half an hour with it this evening and I just couldn't put it down and walk away.  I keep having to go back and check that it's still there. 

It's fabulous.  Thank you Mummy.


  1. Rounded vowels are the best by far! Practice makes perfect. I love your new toy - in fact I have two like that at home but I don't play with them myself, my two cats do, especially the mad one, Souricette, who loves ripping them to pieces. But she doesn't like brooms. No telling what people's taste in toys can be! Big smackeroos from Tati Suzy

  2. Yup, wait until Mum surprises you with your very first household chore; then I'd like to see you go on and on about that damn brush.

    1. Well Joey, I can understand the broom/brush. You could help me with chores around my place, but the mat? No fun..... GAE

    2. I could fan you and keep you cool GAE x


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