Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I love bread but Mummy thought I was eating too much of it so she came up with this cake which contains all things good for me but is also very, very tasty.   So tasty in fact, I have to beat Granddad and Nana off with a stick.  It has no added sugar and there is no dairy and it is made with whole wheat flour but Mummy says you could use spelt flour instead.  Mummy used organic where she could without re mortgaging the house.

Fruity Fruity Fruit Cake

60g Dates
240g Sultanas
250ml Water
70g Grated Carrot (about 1)
2 Grated Peeled Apples (Cooking or Eating)
260g Whole Wheat Flour (Mummy used Bread Flour)
100 ml Olive Oil
4 Small Eggs
1 tsp. Mixed Spice
1/2 tsp. Ground Ginger
1/2 tsp.  Ground Cinnamon

Goodness Me

Put dates and sultanas in the water in a pan and bring to boil and then turn off heat.  Meanwhile beat eggs together with oil in bowl.  Add flour and spices and mix together well.  Add the water with the dates and sultanas and mix
well and finally add the grated carrots and apples and mix.  Pour into a well oiled and lined loaf tin and bake at 170 C for around an hour.  This is a very moist cake so your knitting needle (some of you may have a skewer) may not come out clean when checking if cooked.   Cool in tin before pushing in your mouth and rubbing on the carpet.


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