Thursday, 12 September 2013

Prams of Fire

I was out with Mummy today in the park and I suddenly had the urge to do my 'Prams of Fire' (as Tati Suzy calls it), gain my independence and push the pram.  I broke free from the No Funs and edged my way towards a pram and started pushing - quite successfully and at speed. I discovered that if I lent hard to the left I could make it do hand brake turns on the play ground.  Rubber was burning and I was making skid marks on the bouncy tarmac.
 Just as I started to gather an adoring crowd, Mummy No Fun came shouldering her way through.  Apparently it wasn't our pram.  And apparently there was a baby in it.


  1. Love it! VERY funny indeed! Tati Suzy thinks you're a reall hoot!

  2. A great way to make new friends Junior, and heap years on their guj


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