Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Mummy makes a wonderful chicken stock and then uses it as a base for lots of my meals.  As I love the chicken stock she thinks she can slip in all kinds of weird vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes) and I won't notice.  I do notice Mummy.  I just don't mind the taste.  Anyway, when I was younger, she just used to give me the stock to drink (this was great if I had a cold as she would also add 1 tsp. of turmeric, a pinch of sage and some grated ginger root) and then as I got older she would add vegetables and puree it all up together.    She would put it in a cup and then I could help myself.  Nowadays, she just adds it to any of the vegetables I am eating.  It's so easy, I could make it myself.

Who needs a Chateau Lafite
1 Organic chicken carcass (or a chicken leg)
4 large carrots chopped
1 Onion chopped
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 bay leaf
2 peeled and chopped sticks of celery
a grind of black pepper

Put chicken in pan and cover with cold water and bring to boil. Skim off that scummy scum scum.  Add rest of ingredients and bring back to boil then simmer for 45 mins. (until meat is leaving bone).  Remove carcass when cool and spend a good 20 thoughtful mins.  picking the meat off the bones and then discard bones and put meat back in stock.  Try not to throw the meat out keep the bones like Mummy often does.

Either sieve out the vegetables and serve stock as a drink or puree all together or add other boiled vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, etc.) or mash with cooked whole wheat pasta brown rice, lentils or bulgur wheat.  Wow - the combinations are endless Mummy.  No wonder I get to eat it all week. 

Checking to see what else she has put in


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