Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Friends

Friends seem to be quite hard to come by.

Friends at playgroup

Mummy takes me to playgroup 3 times a week but there aren't many children my age or older.  Mummy does spend a lot of the time there huffing and puffing because it's too hot or too noisy and I don't think Mummy likes it very much even though she pretends she does.  I also catch her rolling her eyes and then being really silly because she's bored and singing in silly voices.  She also starts showing off if the other Mummies look at her.  Other than that, I love it there.  Most of them get to go to nursery instead of staying home with the No Fun as their Mums have to work.
Anyhow, I had just made friends with a lovely boy named Theo who I liked very much when his family had to move back to New Zealand.  This made me sad.   I do wonder if we will ever meet when we are grown up and if we will recognise one another.
I also have a great friend JR.   I used to hang out a lot with JR but her Mummy had to go back to work and she now gets to go to nursery most of the week so I only see her on Fridays.   We went out together this Friday and had a lovely game of flap the bed sheet.

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  1. Joey, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


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