Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Music

Following in my Great Uncle Joe's footsteps, I thought I would share some of my favourite songs and music videos with you.  Please post any back to me that you like and find.  The first is great to dance to and I quite like the wiggly bottoms.

I have heard lots of versions of this song but as this one is written by my namesake I love it.

And finally my all time favourite.  I particularly like the whoosh.

Mummy says she prefers this version but I think it's rubbish.  No whoosh.


  1. I love your music, Joey! I hadn't heard the Ella Fitzgerald one and I rather agree with mummy that it's very good (although, secretly, I too was very disappointed that there was not WHOOOOOSH!) Tati Suzy

  2. Nice Junior, but none of them come close to that classic kiddy song,: If You're Happy And You Know It. Will be singing it at the family picnic in Boston on Saturday for my other grand nieces and nephews. I wish you could join us.

    All my love,


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