Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Best Italian Restaurant in London

I had a chew on a claw
Mummy's helping a friend out at the moment who has just opened an Italian restaurant 'The Lavender'  on Lavender Hill.  As Nana is here, we have been going over there quite often so Mummy can work.  In fact I saw Mummy in a suit today and to be honest, I had to look twice.  It took me 4 hours longer than usual before I managed to get milk on her lapel and olive oil down one of the legs.  Anyway, Mummy wanted me to write about how wonderful she thinks the food is.  
(She says it is the best Italian food she has eaten outside of Italy and Daddy says she should know as she has done an awful lot of eating).

Astro me up baby
But I don't want to.  I want to tell you about the astro turf which they have on the terrace.  I have a lovely time bouncing around on this.  It is also great fun grabbing a bar stool and using it as a Zimmer frame.  The people who work there are all very nice.  They don't mind me hugging their legs and they give me lots of bread with delicious olive oil.  They are a bit cheek pinchy though and they keep calling me 'Bello' even though Mummy told them several times that I am called 'Joe'.   Mummy has made sure there are high chairs and that the menu is available in half portions for small people.  Zio Gio has organic spelt pasta on the menu and he has bought a bicycle to do deliveries on.  Mummy says it's a girls bicycle and she wouldn't be seen dead on it.  Zio says he doesn't care and he gave me a ride on it and I loved it.
I want to go that way


  1. You are just one VERY lucky little boy - my mouth is droooooling as I read! Envy you the ride in the bike basket and, of course, the olive oil - oh, YUM! But, especially the illy coffee - it has to be the best and we're everso upset because you can't buy it in France any more - only in bulk. There's only one thing for it - will have to come to London for coffee.

  2. Wow so sweet baby and very luck ...... thanks for sharing this pic ..

    Man And A Van


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