Friday, 18 October 2013

I love IKEA

I have been twice now and I have to tell you how much I love IKEA.  Mummy has been putting off going for weeks because she hates it so much but I can't understand why.  She runs it like a military regime.  She has us up at the crack of doom on Sunday mornings to get there before anyone else arrives and then whizzes us round at high speed to get to the check outs just as they open.  She got really annoyed this time because they had changed their layout and she couldn't use her short cut which meant that we had to follow the yellow brick road around the whole building.  She gets really bad tempered and it usually results in her having a big row with daddy.  Mummy says she reckons that IKEA has been cited in more divorce cases than extra marital affairs (whatever they are.  Daddy says he's never heard of them either).
Teddy Sven and Ulrika

Anyway, I had a ball.  IKEA is one of my most favourite places next to motorway service stations and my granddad's nursing home.  I can even understand the names of all the book cases and I get to fiddle with the toilets unlike at home.   I even pushed the trolley around for half the time and Mummy was still not pleased.
She did get to breastfeed me on a discounted deck chair in the warehouse though. There was a huge sign hanging over our heads which said '£185 reduced to £25' and people kept coming over to eye up the deal.  Lucky, lucky Mummy.  She was ever so popular.



  1. Never mind IKEA, you tell your Mum to restore the old font, Junior. It gave your blog that je ne sais quoi (pardon my French).

    Lots of love,

  2. Dearest GUJ
    Mummy hasn't changed the font. Are your eyes OK? Love you lots x


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