Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sierra Espuna,Estrecho de la Arboleja,Lorca,Lucainena de Las Torres

Santa Eulalia
 Mama took this rubbish picture of this amazing church.  Santa Eulalia in the Sierra Espuna. A national park in Murcia.  It had a wooden inside and was painted with really gory pictures of chopping off heads of people.  Daddy said they were Moors.
A walk
We had a lovely walk up a mountain and could see the church and the monastery in the bottom.  We parked Nona there for the night.
Our spot for the night
The walk up the mountain had statues on the way up and Mama really liked them.  I liked them because it was my mate Cheeses who I haven't spoken about in a while.
My mate Cheeses
The next day we went to a canyon and tried to walk along it but it was flooded with water.  We found a very old cave house though which was built into the sand stone in the cliff. You could see where they kept their animals and the way the house had been built.  Mama really liked it but Daddy said the cliff looked like it was going to come down on our heads.
Estrecho de la Arboleja
 We drove into Lorca.  Mama looked it up on the internet and said it was a very unlucky town.  It has had floods, the plague, more floods and 2 earthquakes.  They were in the middle of rebuilding the centre after a big earthquake a few years ago. The centre was very nice but the outskirts where we parked weren't so pretty.  I didn't care.  It had gravel.
And then to one of Mama's most favourite places.  Lucainena de las Torres.  A tiny village on a mountain side.  I think she liked it because there weren't many people about.
The village
 Mama said they filmed a lot of Westerns here.  Something called Los Desperados.  I've not seen it but at the moment I can't stop watching The Axel Family on Youtube.  Mama calls him Axel Grease and his sister River Bed.  Even thought they are called Axel and River.  Mama says they are an unnatuarally happy family who spend there time pushing toy trucks along a beach.  I don't think she likes them very much but I would watch them day and night if I could. I wish I lived with them instead of my grumpy lot.
Deserted Village
 We walked along a Via Verde for 10 kms.  Gosh it was long.  We passed by lots of empty houses which were old mining villages.
Nearly Home
 We stayed for 2 nights here.  Parked just outside the town.  At night it was very dark and very quiet. I don't think Mama wanted to leave but there wasn't a bakery open here. So we moved to Nijar.
Tower at Nijar
It was a very pretty town.  We went to the tourist information office and Mama got a brocure on Cabo de Gata and so we changed plans (again) and decided to drive there.  We stopped at a lovely aire which was very cheap and very good but quite a way from town.  So I was dragged on another 10 Km walk.
Not again
 But we had a beautiful view of where we are heading to.
San Jose
 When we walked back Dady said it looked like Mexico.  There was lots of cactus and then we spotted asparagus.  It was everywhere.  Mama picked loads.  But it was very very prickly.
Not Mexico
A bit like Mama.

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  1. More wonderful adventures and marvellous photos! It's great - we never need go anywhere because it's like being there - with you! We're so impressed with your walking stamina - when you are older you'll have calf muscles of iron! Beautiful photos too, as usual. I like the one of Jesus who has just woken up and is stretching! Kiss mama and daddy for us and take a big hug for you too. xxxx Tatie and Tonon.


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