Friday, 18 April 2014

Mad as an April Hare

 I'm back  down in Dolly Dorset.  We had to make a run for it.  Mummy has decided to have a loft conversion, just as we are buying a campervan and preparing to clear off.  She is also trying to get the house rented in Dorset as well as completing her OU assignments.  Mad.  Why can't she just stay at home and knit?  Poor old Daddy is stuck with the builders and the dust but Mummy says 'at least he gets a lie in'.  I miss him and ask for him when I wake up.  Spring has sprung whilst we have been down here and I just love picking daisies and roaring at the dandelions.

Apart from missing Daddy, I am having a ball.  I got to sit in a tractor, visit some alpacas, look at the sea, and sit in Nana's campervan.  I just love the campervan.  Mummy says it's a good job because soon we will be living in one.
Maybe Mummy's madness is related to the moon. 

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