Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Stuff that Dreams are made of

Goats.  That's right.  GOATS.  I wouldn't have believed it either until I met one.  Wow.  Ace.  I got my head as close as possible and then she kissed me.  Mummy says she stinks but I think Mummy is just being horrid like she is about my cuddly toys.  I loved her and I think she was pretty keen on me.  I could have spent all day there but Mummy dragged me away. 

I had my lovely cousins staying with me at the weekend.  They were great.  They are from Norway and there is one about my age and we could speak to each other fluently.  No need for the No Funs to translate.  Amazing.  I always thought I spoke Swedish.      We had some fireworks on Saturday and Mummy made a face in a pumpkin.  It wasn't very good.  I don't think she made the holes big enough.  You couldn't see it.  She did say it was the first time she had done anything with a pumpkin other than eat it but she could have had a practise first.  Anyway, the fireworks were well cool.  Sunday morning, we saw a squirrel on the terrace and we all leapt from the breakfast table to see him.  He was eating Mummy's pumpkin.  The holes are big enough now.

We also went to the park together.  I spent most of my time trying to get a stick down the same hole as the last seven times we were there.  I didn't manage it.  I shall try again next time though.

Tonight Mummy has the hump.  We were sitting on the floor reading a book when Daddy came home from work.  I jumped up when I saw Daddy.  It was such a long time since I last saw him.  I was so pleased to see him.  I went to collect the book from Mummy and took it to Daddy so he could finish reading it to me.  Mummy was not well pleased.  I heard her voicing a complaint to Daddy later.  She's so touchy.



  1. Oh, Joey darling! AREn't goats just the best - I actually LIKE the smell of goats - sort of homely and milky. You're lucky to see squirrels, we only have a few and they are very shy. Tell me, Joey. Where did mummy get your hat - I want to know because I'm looking for a hat and a sweater that colour and it's exactly what I am looking for. Good luck with the stick in the hole next time. Bises (that's french for kisses) Tati Suzy

  2. Mummy bought my hat in a charity shop and I hate it. You could have it Tati if it would fit. I pull it off at every opportunity and throw it under the pram wheels. Mummy keeps finding it. Blah. Gros Bises x

  3. I can see why you like goats, Junior. I do too and I'd love to discuss them. But I guess I'll have to wait until you are a little older and have developed a taste for curries. By the way, loved your title. Takes me back to that great flick, The Maltese Falcon and of course Bogie. Take care Joe and l'chaim. Love guj

  4. Auntie Cecilie also LOVES goats. She is planning on getting one whenever we buy a house with a garden.

    1. Oh lovely lovely lovely. Please can I come and stay?


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