Sunday, 3 April 2016

Lobo Park,El Torcal and Antequera.

The pig in the wolf place
It seemed as if we would never leave Fuengirola.  I got ill.  Mama took me to the doctors for the first time in my life.  It was very exciting.  He had a white coat and a stethoscope and stickers and I got to lie on his stretcher. And then our water pump broke so we had to get that fixed and it was all a bit of a faff and Mama said bring back the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom flat and forget this life on the open road malarkey.
What a view
But then we set off and we all got very excited and we drove up into the mountains and to a wolf place that also had a pig.

I made myself very popular with the guide by chatting to her all the way round and asking her very interesting questions.  I liked that bit.  The wolves were OK too.
Tundra Wolves

We left there and headed for El Torcal national park.  Mama had wanted to go there since she saw a photography exhibition in Malaga.  When we got there she said her breath was taken away.  I don't think that was the case as I could still see her breathing.  Daddy drove Nona up this very steep one lane hill and we parked in the middle of nowhere.
Parking in middle of Nowhere
I thought Daddy said we had parked in the middle of Norway and got all excited about seeing my cousins.  But no.  Just me and the Nofuns.  Anyway I got to go climbing and I like climbing.  But it was cold.  We had to dig out all our warm clothes out from under the seats.
Climbing El Tornillo
And I found my first fossil. And I stood on it.
Is it dead?
Climbing to the very top

Another view

Another rock
We could see for miles from the top.  We could even see the bay of Malaga.  Daddy was scared in case the wind got up and we blew off the edge but it didn't and as the sun went down we could see the lights twinkling over the bay and the stars above and I could hear nothing but an owl and Mama going on aabout the view.
The next day we went to Antequera.  It was Easter.  Thanks for the egg Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping.
Antequera is cool.  Hilly and cool.  There were a load of blokes carrying my mate around on a swaying gold thing.  They kept stopping and starting.
My mate
They were followed around by this great band with big drums and cymbals and trumpets and things.  I liked that.  I wanted to march all round the town with them.  Mama followed for a while and then she got bored and made me go and eat cake with her.
View of El Torcal from Antequera
I thought that Benalmadena had the best playground in Spain until we came here.  Wowee cousins where were you?
Best playground in Spain
And it had a bull ring which we sneaked into and Mama chased me around making snorting noises.  It made the best place for a game of hide and seek.
Me hiding       

Just as I was settling into the town, they dragged me off again.  To Cordoba.....

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  1. Oh, Joey! What an exciting blog. Well, they're always exciting but doctors, wolves, piggies, bullrings, stones and views all in one - you take MY breath away (but I am still breathing too - just about!)And Mama's photos are super dooper - as usual - thank you for posting so much - it's heaven! xxxxxx All the love in the world from tati and Ton ton


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