Sunday, 3 April 2016

Cordoba. The best playground in the world.

We eventually got to Cordoba.  Daddy had thought that we could free camp somewhere.  We drove round and round and it was too difficult so Mama found a parking place on her Camper Contact on her telephone.  It was right in the centre but we couldn't find the entrance so we drove round and round that until Daddy worked out how to get in.  We were all a bit grumpy by the time we arrived.
The parking was great though.  It was in a wood and next to a park so we had a game of hare and hounds where Mama ran off and drew a trail of arrows with some chalk and Daddy and I had to find her.   Eventually we had to ring her up to find out where she was although when we found her there were lots of people staring at her crouching behind a bush muttering into her phone.
The next day we went to the mosque and there was a boy there who looked like he was on the telephone.
Me and a chap on the phone
So I sat down on the pillar near him and pretended I was on the phone too.  To my cousin Riff. Mama told me later it was an audio guide whatever that is.
The Mosque
I got a bit bored looking round the buildings so we went outside and floated boats down all the water canals.  I drank out of every water fountain I could find. And peeed all over Cordoba.
Water water everywhere
I wore Nanny's Cordoba T-shirt but no one said wow apart from Mama and she always says wow because that's what Mama's do.  But the best thing about Cordoba is that it really has the best playground in the world.  Ciudad de Ninos. Cousins don't go to Antequera go to Cordoba.
Really the best playground in the world
 It had lots of climbing things but the best thing were all these water pumps and channels and water wheels to play with.
Diverting water
 I got very wet.
Sign of a good day


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  2. More exciting things to look at and learn. I especially like the photo of you pretending to phone - very funny! Lovely architecture too - what a lucky boy you are. xxxx Tati er Ton ton


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