Monday, 18 April 2016

Aires and Graces El Burgo de Osma and Sierra de Cebollera

Another view of a Cathedral
So we stopped the night in an Aire at El Burgo de Osma.  Another old town.  Daddy saw Mama reading a sign about the town.  She was reading it for about ten minutes.  When she came back he asked her what it said.  She looked blank.  Just a load of dates and names she said.
It was very cold here too.  And empty.  And in the middle of nowhere.  But pretty amazing.  
 Daddy said that if it were the only place we had visited in Spain, we would have been blown away.  Mama said yeah yeah yeah.  Take me to a bar.
The pub
We went in a bar which was just like an English pub.  All dark furniture, fruit machines and adverts for Coca Cola.  (Mama is horrified that even though I have never drunk it and I don't watch television I can point out Coca Cola from a mile away). The place even smelt of wee and air freshener.   Mama said take me to the sea.  So we set off for St Jean de Luz.
On the way we stopped for lunch
Sierra de Cebollera was just beautiful.  A mountain village with snow and rushing gushing steams and sheep with bells.

But it had a playground
Mama wanted to stay here but Daddy said you wanted to see the sea so get back in the van.
Bye bye Mountain Village

Bye Bye Spain.  We will miss you.  Adios.

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  1. Getting ready for a baking hot Summer, eh? One day you'll want it to be cool and wet like in these great photos! Please don't start drinking Coca Cola (except with a little rum, of course!) I loved St Jean de Luz - hope you do too! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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