Wednesday, 4 May 2016

And so to St Jean de Luz.  There is a great campsite there with a heated pool.  Mama likes to sniff at the sea.
A cliff
It was strange to be back somewhere where we were 7 months ago but it is a really beautiful place.  It smells of the sea and it is green and damp and has wild strawberries and brambles and damp air.
We spent a week on the campsite and then headed off to see Tatie Suzy in Capestang.  On the way we stopped at this amazing Parc Prehistoire at Tarascon sur Ariege.  It was wonderful.  There was trackjing.  I love tracking.  Footprints and animal poo.
Is that a bear coming?
 And they had old huts.
An old hut
 And cave painting run by a very nice lady who knew a lot about cave painting.  When I asked her where I could paint she said anywhere so I started painting on her easel and she said not there.                 
Cave painting
 But the very best thing was hunting.  I got to throw a spear at a plastic rabbit.  I missed but I am now on a spear mission.
Hunting plastic rabbits
 There was a great big whirl pool which was black with tadpoles.
The whirlpool

 Mama was a whiz at catching tadpoles.  She let me hold to spawn too.  It vibrated like electricity was running through it.  Mama said she thought it was toad spawn as it was in long tubes.                  
Wooly Mamoths
 There was a fabulous wooly mamoth which wasn't very wooly and lots of cave paintings too.

Me in a cave
 Mama said it was a replica of the Grotte de Niaux and that they were really beautiful paintings which were painted 2km underground in the dark.  I preferred the plastic rabbit.  We spent the night in their car park and it was a beautiful place surrounded by mountains.                    
Morning Walk
In the morning we found an artists trail opposite the carpark and found loads of bits of pieces in a field.                  
Art in a field
 Mama thought it was great but I had very wet feet and the cows kept staring at me.  Daddy said that you always get artists in mountains.         
Our parking place

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  1. Now we've seen the photos we realise why you were so enthusiastic about the place - wow! Big xxxx to all Tati and Ton ton


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