Thursday, 5 May 2016

A day in Provence - Fountaine de Vaucluse and L'isle sur la Sorgue

The town
 Mama decided that she wanted to see the mysterious source of the River Sorgue and so daddy drove us up into the mountains.  Mama said that it is the world's fifth most powerful spring and that Jacques Cousteau tried to get down to the bottom.  Whoever he is.
The light
Anyway it was beautiful.  Everything was the greenest green I've ever seen.  And water came gushing out of the rocks.          
Gushing water
 But it was very strange because higher up the river was dry and the water disappeared until we found it again in a deep dark cave.
The source

 We spent quite a while by the river and then drove into L'isle sur la Sorgue for the night. 
Mama said it was like living the French dream.  The town was full of arcades and yellow tablecloths and water wheels and shops selling strawberries and straw hats and olives and lavender and Mama said oh.  Why have not been here before?
An Arcade
 She bought some tapenade and a box of strawberries and a small slice of saucisson and we ran out of money.  Mama said maybe that was why she'd not been here before.     
Me and my hat     

 So I picked her some flowers. 

Spring is here and it is gushing forth.

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  1. Oh, Joey! You write so well and what with mama's photos, it's just like being there with you. I love your choice of flowers too - they say everything! Big hugs from Tati and Ton ton and to mama and daddy too xxxxxx


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