Monday, 9 May 2016

Campsite in Annecy - Swimming and Snow

The lake and the snow
Mama had been really looking forward to going to Annecy but she says she was a bit disappointed when she got here as it was so busy.
Tree Climber
But we found this really great campsite called Camping Europa in St Jorioz.  It had heated swimming pools and a jumping castle and lots of children for me to play with.
Off swimming
There is a cycle path with runs all the way round the lake and one day we cycled into Annecy.  It was a very pretty town but ever so busy.  Mama said she had forgotten what a crowd was.
Annecy Central
 So we scarpered off back to the van and did some more cycling.  There are some people going very very fast on the cycle lane but I ding my bell at them and try to catch them up.
Road to somewhere
I spent ages trying to charm the girl next door.  She eventually gave in when I started to stroke her face.  I think she liked that.
Making Friends
I made friends with everybody on the campsite except for a Swiss family who didn't want anything to do with me.  I kept trying though.  I eventually won the Mama round by giving her a balloon.  She tried to refuse it but I insisted.
Swimming in the lake
We even had a bit of a paddle in the lake.  Mama said her ankles had gone numb but I was OK.  We are leaving tomorrow to go and see my Aunty Jackie in Germany.  She is having a birthday party and I am very excited about seeing her and her daughter - Big Girl. I am also very excited because my Uncle Joe is coming too and my Uncle Giorgio and we are all staying at the same campsite together.  We are going to have a party!

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  1. How lovely! We liked Annecy too - it can be beautiful with fewer people around but it is still very lovely at any time of year. You look so grown-up, darling little Joey. You must start taking photos too - mama is very good, isn't she? Lots of love all round and boo to the Swiss lot! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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