Sunday, 8 May 2016

All the Curly Cs Castellane and Chichilianne


Climbing to the top
Castellane was a bit of a disappointment after magnificent Moustiers but then we decided to climb to the chapel on the top of the rock and it was amazing.
View from the top
The chapel was surrounded by lilac blossom and it smelt fizzy.     
The chapel
We could see Nona parked below us and when I went to bed I could see my mate's mama lit up on top of the rock through our roof window.
 The chapel was very special too.  Instead of it being full of my mate being poked with spears it was full of people's paintings of his mum with him as a baby.
The Chapel
We drove from there to a place called Chichilianne which was in the middle of nowhere.

Mama said it looked like Switzerland.  There were lots of brown cows with big brown eyes and flowers and mountains with snow.

Our Camping Spot
We parked on the green in the middle of the village. There was a great bakery opposite us and this crazy snowy smoke stack mountain behind us.

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  1. Brrrrr! Hey! You could make a whole album of Daddy and you climbing up a steep, cobbly road amongst ruins - I think it would be a very thick album! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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