Monday, 4 April 2016

Caceres Extremadura

Playa Major
So here we are in Extremadura.  It is cold.  Mama keeps talking about the pigs.  The pigs which make the jamon.  I'm quite keen on jamon and Mama says the pigs in Extremadura are happy pigs because they wander about under the cork oaks eating the acorns and they are happy as a pig in acorns.
So we are stopping in a great campsite just North of Caceres and every pitch has its own bathroom.  We like that.   Yesterday we caught the bus into town.
A church
We were the only people on the bus and the bus driver rubbed my hands because he said they were frio.   We had a lovely lunch of Migas which are bread crumbs fried in garlic and parsley and jamon and served with a fried egg on top.  A bit like a mixed up English breakfast.  We also had chorizo and lentil stew and then lamb with sheep cheese sauce and poor man's potatoes which was lovely and suckling pig in paprika.
Lentil stew
 Mama said they like the paprika a bit too much.
My photo of Lamb in sheeps cheese

 Oh.  I ate the pudding before Mama could take a picture.  It was cheese cake.  We ate out in Plaza Major and just as they brought the main course it started pouring with rain and everyone ran for cover except for us.  We were sheltered under a giant umbrella and it was very cosy.  A bit like camping.
Climbing the walls
 Caceres is a city that had Muslims and Jews and Christians and has been untouched since the 1800s Daddy says.
Taking it in
It was a strange thing to see.  I've never really been anywhere like it.
Pounding the pavements
 There were no shops or aerials or wires.  There were a couple of restaurants but they were hidden away like secrets.
A secret restaurant
It is raining today again.  Hard.  It is a bit too much like camping.             
Yeah scored a goal.

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  1. Lovely photos and info but they make ME feel "frio"! I bet you're good at table football or, as they say here in France, "bébé foot". They have to take the end of the word off sometimes, like "ball" from "football". Ton ton and I have not discovered why but they do it a lot! Hope you feel warm soon (me too!) xxxxx


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