Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jerte. Things that stop Mama's Heart

When we left Plasencia we had stopped at a supermarket to do some shopping and it was so late in the day we decided to have some lunch there too and then after lunch Mama and I sneaked into the bed at the back for a little snooze. We basically spent a full afternoon in Aldi carpark.  So by the time we drove up the Jerte in the Squirty valley to do some walking it was quite late. Daddy parked at the Reserve Natural Garganta de los Infernos or something like that.  It was full of woods and rivers and water falls and surrounded by mountains full of snow.
I can see our house from here
I galloped up the mountain to the top.  I was the trail blazer and the tour guide and ran a full 6 kms. 
Me galloping
And then we sat by this very beautiful waterfall.
The waterfall
 I wanted to go swimming but Mama said look where the water is coming from and I looked and saw a mountain all covered with snow.  Brr.
View from our van
The next day we woke up and our quiet little car park was packed full of people.  They were arriving in by the coach load to watch Mama having a scratch.  I think they had come to see the cherry blossom.  The Jerte valley produces most of the cherries for Spain. Mama and I were sad that it was only the blossom because we prefer the cherries.  Mama and I once ate a whole crate of cherries when I was a baby and then she worried we were going to be ill because we ate so many.  But we weren't.
Cherries and snow
We walked along the river in the bottom of the valley to the town of Jerte where Mama had the worst meal of her life.
More walking
I didn't do any more trail blazing and complained most of the way about my legs hurting.  Mama pretended she couldn't hear me but I could tell by the way her mouth was moving that she could.
Big Jumper
 We found a big insect on the road.  Mama said oh good.  Why don't we invite him back.
 And then they dragged me up a mountain again.
Having a rest

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  1. Breath-takingly beautiful pictures!!! You are such a lucky boy. Wonderful mama and daddy AND Nona, give them our fondest love - Tati and Ton ton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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