Friday, 8 April 2016

Trujillo, Montfrague, Plasencia. Some of the best of Spain

What a treat Trujillo.  In the middle of nowhere particular. A little town. Wandering winding rundown streets opening out onto a most marvellous plaza.
Being made to pose

Another fountain
 And then a castle at the top of the town with cellars which Mama hid down.
I can see you
 And views.  Views upon views to take your breath away.
Looking at a view
 Daddy said I could only go up on the walls if I held his hand the whole way and if I let go we had to go down.  Mama went down.
A long way down
And there were great big storks nesting.  And when they flew overhead, the light went out.  Like a dinosaur.
The next day we drove up to the National park which is famous for its big birds.  It was very very pretty and we stopped by a stream for lunch and looked at the footprints of wild boar.

Mama went on about all the wild flowers.  Flag lavender and Rock Roses and white broom and orchids.  Daddy picked something he said was sage and it smelt like poison.

We found a sign to Castillo de Montfrague so parked Nona and started climbing a montain.
The castle
 It was so beautiful when we reached the top but it was a very long way.  And it was hot.  And Mama had only one Chupa Chup to lead me onwards.
The view
 And there were loads of birds.  A vulture came in to land behind me and the shush of the wings ruffled my hair.
There were rivers below.

 And birds above and we drove along the valley to a beautiful campsite near Plasencia and at night I hear the frogs chatting.
Today we cycled along the river into town and looked at an art gallery.
 And I looked at a dingdar.
 Mama liked this a lot but Daddy got hot.
And then we went for lunch.
My glass of wine (with water).

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