Monday, 18 April 2016

Super shivering Segovia

The beginning of the aqueduct
They said that Segovia had an aqueduct.  So I got in it.  It was just a drain at the beginning of the town.
Then it grew

And it grew
 Until I couldn't see anything but aqueduct.
Aqueducts are us
It was an amazing thing.  Segovia was an amazing place.  Mama said it looked like it belonged somewhere else and not Spain.
Oh a bit of sun
But it was cold.  And I moaned and moaned and moaned.  It took Mama and Daddy 3 attempts to get me to walk upto the castle.

Another cathedral

A No nose Sphinx
They eventually got me there by telling me that Walt Disney based their castle on this one.  And I know Walt Disney because I'm a big fan of Jungle Book.  But when we got there it was covered in scaffolding.
Looking for my fairy tale castle
So back to the aqueduct it was.
The aqueduct
But forget about the aqueduct.  We had the best cake in Spain.
Best Cake in Spain

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  1. I thought you were in St Jean de Luz? These are great, Joey! Thanks for all the information. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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