Monday, 7 March 2016

Swimming, Grandads, Hair and Belts.

 Mama thought it a good idea that I have some swimming lessons.  She thought I should mix with some Spanish children.  I love swimming and daddy wanted to take me.  She signed me up for 2 lessons a week for 2 months at the local municipal pool.  Mama said it would have been easier to get an American green card than to get swimming lessons.  But she did and I loved it.  At first.  Then the swimming instructor dropped me in the water.  Daddy said she was teaching me to dive but I think she was teaching me to drown.  Daddy said all the other children liked it.  But I didn't and I told them so.  I told everyone so.  And I wanted to leave and when I left I didn't want to go back again.
Daddy trying to get me to jump
Mama and daddy did a lot of bribing but I refused.  I said I would only go back if they told the teacher that I did not want to dive.  And so they did.  And I went. And I loved it. And after a few weeks I dived.  All by myself.  And now I can swim.

 Granddad Geoffers came.  I was glad because I seriously missed Lollo and Nanny.  We took him to Malaga and Mijas.
Market Malaga
 And he dug me motorboats on the beach and I sat in them.
Making a motorboat
 And I sat on his shoulders.
Riding Granddad
 And then we sat on a donkey.
Riding a donkey
Then Mama took me to have my hair straightened out as she had cut it wonky and the man in the barbers cut it all off even though I told him I didn't want it too short.  But I sat nearly quite still for him instead of wriggling for Mama.

Mind my ear
 And then we went to this fabulous belt maker in Fuengirola to have a belt made for granddad. The man there is really nice. He calls me a funny guy.  He gave me my very own belt. 
Me and my belt
Mama said that with my haircut and my belt I looked so grown up I would very soon be standing for Parliament.  So she buried me in the sand.
Up to my neck in it
Not too grown up now she said.

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  1. YOU CAN SWIM???? We're SO proud of you. Well done, Joey! But tell mama that I miss your lovely curls and your long hair - it suited you so well but then, mamas and daddies know best, I guess! Please give them our love and we sent you as many kisses that can fill the Mediterranean Sea! Tati and Ton ton xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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