Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bye bye my old Dutch

Caught in Crevellante
 We finally left Cap Blanch.  We waited to see my Aunty Arlene and Uncle Rich and their lovely son Xavy from America who brought me Donald the dog and then we left.  I thought it would never happen.  I was very sad to say bye bye to all my friends.  They were so kind to me but we were ready to leave.  I got very excited when the van was all loaded up.  We drove to Marjal to find it was fully booked so went on to Crevillante.  I liked it there as it had the biggest playground you have ever seen and my hair stood on end every time I came down the slide and there was plenty of place to ride my bike.  Daddy said it was great too.  Mama hated it.  She is a funny one  So we drove on to a strange site in Mazzaron called Los Madrillos.  It had a heated pool and was slightly in a muddle.  Mama liked it here.  It was very expensive though so we only stayed a few nights.
Isla Plana
 Mama said she would like to come back and explore some more and see Cartahena.  We are in a bit of a hurry because we want to meet Aunty Jayne in Benalmadena. 
Oi Oi
We stayed for Mama's birthday though.  She had been going on about going to a tower at the end of the bay so she dragged us all up there on a stinking hot day for a view.  It was a lovely but deserted town full of campervans free camping.
In the afternoon we drive further South to Playa de Mazarron.  It is a funny little place with an amazing beach and a road running through it like something from the wild west.  There is a Spar shop in the village which Mama says is the most amazing shop in the world as it sells everything you could ever need and is tiny.  She keeps going into it to test it out.  In the evening we came across these amazing sand scuptures in the dunes and I climbed right to the top.
A load of Bolneuvo

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