Thursday, 19 February 2015

Moving On

 The weather has been really cold here the last few days.  My lovely aunties arrived from France and took the sunshine away with them to Seville.  Mama wants to hit the road again.  I am sad to be leaving.  I liked it here.  Mama says we need to find a campsite with a heated swimming pool as I love swimming and she is fed up with cycling to the one here which is miles away.
Anyway last week we went to Alfaz del Pi and there was a fiesta going on.  Mama said it might have been a Saint Valentine's celebration.  I got so excited with the marching children that I ran right along and joined in.  Mama said she had never seen so many Kinder Egg and Nutella costumes.  And me of course.  I marched to the front.
Me and my carnival
 The other evening, we were coming back from the playground in the dark when the man from the ironmongers ran out.  He said he had been watching for us all day.  He said in his country Valentine's day is about love between friends and that he loves me and he gave me a bag with a present in it.  Mama asked where he was from and he said Columbia and showed us photos of his son who he said looked just like me when he was little.  Mama embarrassed me by starting to cry.  I made her go.
Anyway, in the bag was a hat and a pair of gloves.  I think this is because Mama makes me wear socks on my hands and the man must have felt sorry for me.

Me and my Hat
We are going to be heading South next week.  We are going down the coast through Mazzarron and onto Malaga to see my Aunty Jayne and Aunty Ping.  We might then go to Estapona to see my Aunty Zoe and then try and find somewhere to stay for another 6 weeks so that my Uncle Lollo and Granddad Geoffers can come and visit.  I keep singing my Uncle Lollo is coming soon to my Fire truck song.


  1. How exciting! Don't you LOVE not knowing what you're going to find next? It's still the best thing to go south when the weather is cold. THEN, you'll be coming back up north because it's TOO hot! Aren't human beings silly - never satisfied. Have a lovely time (as if you wouldn't!) And I love your hat!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. That story about the Columbian Dad is so touching, Junior, (especially the bit about Mama bursting into tears). You have indeed made so many good friends, whom I'm sure you'll be sad to leave. Still, new adventures and new people lie ahead. I know Andalucia will be warmer and the cities full of history and exciting things to see and do. Bon voyage, Little One.

    All my love,


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