Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bye Bye Grand pappy

Sad to leave Nanarooney
So.  Mama said we were going on an aeroplane.  I got very excited because I have never been on one before.  We were going to go to England because my Grand pappy wasn't feeling well.  I was very excited but also very sad because my Nanna and Ganggang had just arrived in Spain and I was leaving them behind.
I was having a very nice time until the plane went into the air and then I wanted it to come down again.  Mama said we had to wait  but I didn't want to wait.  I wanted to come down now.  I wanted to get off.  I cried and cried and shouted a bit too.  Everyone was looking at me but I didn't care.  I wanted to get off.  Mama said there was nothing she could do and I didn't like that.  There is always something Mama can do.  So Mama nursed me and I went to sleep and when I woke up we were in London.
I was very happy to see Grand pappy and I climbed on his bed and kissed his nose and held his hand and he looked very pleased to see me.  I also got to see my Uncle Joe and my Uncle Lollo and I was very happy to be with them.  We all went to the pub together.  
Boozing it up
Climbing the walls
 Uncle Lollo slept in the same room as us and I like to wake up in the morning and climb on his bed.
Lovely Tooting Common Cafe
I spent a lot of time with daddy in the park.
Then Mama told me that Grand pappy had died and I went to see him and it was like he was sleeping.  Mama said I should say goodbye to him and I did.
I got a bit sad because I had to say bye bye to Uncle Lollo and Uncle Joe too.  I am always saying bye bye.  Mama looks sad too.  Sometimes I catch her crying.

 Then she told me that we were going back to see Nanny so I was happy again.  Until she told me we had to on an aeroplane................................
Calpe and Benidorm


  1. Oh, my darlings. My eyes were very moist as I read the above. It's always a bugger losing someone but when they are so close then you feel as if you are travelling down a very long cul-de-sac. So hard, little Joe; you seem to be taking a crash course in life this year (not a good word when one is talking about flying!) but I'm sure there will be more sunshine in your life than clouds. It's so good when the clouds roll away and you feel warm and happy again. Spring is on its way so you give mama a very, VERY big cuddle from me and kiss daddy too. All our very best and fondest love, as ever, Tatie Suzy and Ton ton David

  2. Dearest Junior,

    However sad an occasion, being together in his room with you, Mama, Daddy and your Uncle Lolo when your Grandpappy finally passed away made it feel so natural. Such a wonderful farewell.

    All my love,


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