Friday, 16 January 2015

Calpe and Benidorm

 The silver tops are here.  Mama said that Nanny was worried I wouldn't want to see her.  What rubbish!  When she came out of the airport, I charged her and grabbed her knees.  She dropped her case.  So I carried it for her.
Big Mountain
 We went to Calpe because Mama wanted to eat fish.  She ate fish whilst I slept.  They kept me some bits of squid for when I woke up.  I like squid.
 And then we slept in the sand. 
A lady on the campsite knitted me a jumper.  Her husband and his friend have one too.  They all came to have their photo taken with me.
Me and my jumper
Mama took us all to Benidorm.  Nana didn't want to go.  When we got there, we couldn't get her away.  Mama says this happens quite often.  She tried to persuade Nana to visit Iceland but Nanny wouldn't go.
On the beach again
 I played on the beach with Daddy. It was a beautiful day.  Nanny and Ganggang found a really nice restaurant.  So nice, I did a wee on the floor but they didn't mind.  They gave me a small bucket of sweets.
Las Vegas
 They gave the Nofuns a bottle of strange yellow liquid which made them go all silly.  So silly infact that Mama started dancing the cha cha down the street with me on her head.  Nanny bought a a pair of gold and white golf shoes.  Mama says she doesn't even play golf.  Then Nanny bought me a police bike with a really loud siren which she took off me later. 
Before lunch
 We all had a game of football in the street and loads of people joined in.  I met a lady with a pet pigeon.
After lunch
 It was very dark when we got home.  Mama couldn't tear Nanny and Ganggang away from the nightlife.  They wanted to join in.
Nanny in her new shoes

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  1. Tell you what, Jr, I do like your jumper; it should come in handy during those Arctic nights in Albir. I also think those two handymen want to adopt you as their mascot (like they have at football matches). I reckon they will kit you out with a toolbelt and put you on display at the start of a new job.


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