Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Ear

Farewell my Uncle Bamby
Mama says it's 2015.  I thought it was Tuesday.  My uncle left.  In a big aeroplane.  I keep staring at the sky now to see if I can see him.  I miss him.  Nana is coming.  She is bringing Ganggang and a digger I hope.  Mama says there won't be room in their bags.  They are staying in a flat next to the campsite.  It has a bath.  Mama says I can have a bath this year.
Thought it was meant to be warm
New Year was chilly.  We were invited to a party the night before at the campsite.  I was very excited.  There was a guitarist.  Most people spoke Dutch and there were two people with flashing rabbit's ears on there heads.  I danced with them.  We ate cheese and liver sausage and crisps.  I had apple juice.
Daddy and me on a very very very big truck
The guitarist was Spanish.  Mama said it was Antonio Banderas after a very big Christmas dinner.  He started by playing some Spanish music.  I danced.  He then started to play the guitar behind his head.  I loved it.  When he began Delilah, Mama made me leave.  She is such a NoFun.
The Dutch enjoying themselves
New Years Day, the campers all jumped in the sea.  They kept asking me to go in too but I was frozen.
They had Santa's hats on.  It was all a bit stormy.  Mama said she bet there would be a visit from an ambulance.  I waited and waited fora flashing blue light but none turned up.
First Dinner of the New Year
We went to and Indian restaurant for lunch and sat in the sun and ate curry.  I chased a cat around until it scratched me.  Mama said it would teach me a lesson and Daddy said I would get rabies.  It didn't do either.
Mama is making curry for dinner. 
Happy New Year


  1. I'd check Mama's curry for any furry bits, Joe.

    Miss you a lot.


  2. Happy New Year little Joey! Ah! An odd year (as opposed to an even one) so.... this means you can have a bath! Youpeeeeeeeeee! xxxxxxxxxxx


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