Wednesday, 31 December 2014

So this is Christmas

Chilling Out
Zo.  This is Christmas in Spain.  SinterKlaas and Sunshine.  I have never eaten so much chocolate in my life.  When we walk to the beach, I have several chocolate stops on the way.  If I hang around and say 'Good morning.  And how are you?' I always get a chocolate. 
Making a run for it
Mama tries to hurry me past.
Another run for it
Mama said it didn't feel much like Christmas but I think it does.  They had live animals on the beach.  There was a chicken, two geese, a goat and two babies that Mama says are called kids and a turkey.  The turkey scared me.  I hid behind Daddy's leg.
Chupa chupa
But I really liked the baby goat and the kid liked me.  He kept sucking my finger and people took photographs of me.  Mama tried to have a go but the goat bit her.  He didn't bite me.
Mama made me pose for this one
The best bit of Christmas was my Uncle Joe arriving.  We went to the airport and I trembled when I saw him.  He wrapped us in his arms and said 'Hey guys'.  We had the best Christmas eve.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and spent two hours just eating.  I had piles of prawns and squid and duck and rice and it was great.
My GREAT Uncles and me
Christmas Day we had rice and curry in the tent at the van.  My Great Uncle Xavier came too and I like him.  We went to the beach and I couldn't decide which hand to hold.
Uncle Joe has gone now but Nana and Gang gang are coming in the New Year.
Happy New Year!!!!!


  1. And a happy new year to you, darling little Joey! What a wonderful time you are having - you are a very lucky boy to have such a wonderful beginning to life - this is JUST the beginning - there are so many exciting things to do and see and so many lovely people to meet. Enjoy every moment and bless your lucky stars that you have such an exceptional mama and papa - they are VERY special people. Give them my love and tell them we are hanging on every word they publish in 2015. Happy New Year lovely ones! xxxxxxxxxx

    1. My love to you Tatie and Uncle David and Uncle Jeremy. Bless you x


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